Bradley Sowell's Recruiting Profile

Bradley Sowell - (OL, Hernando, MS) - One of the top linemen in the '07 class for the Magnolia state resides in Hernando.

Player Profile

Height: 6' 7"
Weight: 350
Bench: 385
Grades: 18 ACT

From:Hernando, MS
High School: Hernando (5A)

The following information was revealed during our interview with Bradley Sowell's Head Coach Anthony Jenkins:

Talk about Bradley as the person. "He is a very good person. I got him as a 9th grader. I do not know how to put this. He was not going to come out because he thought he was too late. I saw him in the hall one day, and he was already bigger than all of our varsity players. I asked Bradley why he was not on the football team. He told me that he thought he was too late for the tryouts. I told that boy to come by after school and get himself a uniform. Bradley is just so big. He is not awkward looking. Bradley is a great athlete. He has played baseball here up until last season. He also plays a lot of tennis. He has great footwork, but what we are trying to do with him is to get him to play more aggressive. But I tell you this, if the past three months are any indication, he is going to be big time. One of those players that is recruited nationally. He quit baseball to dedicate himself to football. Bradley has already improved his bench press by 85 pounds since the season was over. He is determined to be one of the nation's best."

What does Bradley do best on the football field? "His mobility. Bradley just has great feet for a kid that is 6' 7", 350. Now, we are not talking about an OL that is listed as 6' 7" but shows up at 6' 5". This kid is every bit 6' 7". He has to get to where he plays every play and does not take any plays off. You know, where the guy facing him knows something bad is about to happen. Bradley has all of the tools. Long arms, great foot work, just everything. He just needs to get that mean streak in him now."

How long has Sowell started for Hernando High? "He just started last year because he had a three year starter ahead of him."

Did he garner any awards last season? "He was named 2nd Team All-District, but I am telling you, his best football is ahead of him. He will go high D1."

Which D1 programs have been showing Bradley interest? "Auburn and Ole Miss have been showing him a lot of interest. LSU and Florida have really picked it up. Coach Orgeron (Ole Miss) actually came through the school the other day. He just saw him on the hoof and was impressed with Bradley. He told me that he was every bit 6' 7", 350 and he had to have him. I told him that I was impressed that he was already doing his junior recruiting when he had not even signed his class. Coach (Orgeron) could not talk to Bradley because he is just a junior, but he said he certainly passed the look test."

Did Coach Orgeron offer Bradley? "Well, he asked me if he offered would he accept it. I told him I did not know. I told him I needed to ask the kid and talk to his parents. We all talked it over. I think Bradley is leaning in that direction, but I think Ole Miss wants to watch some more film, so Bradley is going to keep an open mind. I told them to not judge Bradley by his film from his junior year. He is a totally different player than he was then. Like I said earlier, he has already added 85 pounds to his bench press. I know what the colleges are looking for in an offensive linemen. He has the long arms, great feet, and he is 6' 7", 350 with no belly. I do not think Bradley is going to have to begging too many colleges to offer him. He will be a national recruit before it is all over with."

Coach Jenkins stated that Bradley has an 18 on the ACT and is retaking it in February. He was not sure of his GPA, but said it was "good".

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