Derek Sherrod is one of Mississippi's best

Derek Sherrod (OL, Caledonia, MS) - Derek turned many heads at the combine last Spring when he measured in at 6' 5 1/2", 295 and then turned around and ran a 5.38. And oh by the way, he was only a sophomore at the time.Now it is time for Derek to shine on the recruiting scene, and if his early action is any indication, you can count on Sherrod being a hot commodity come signing day.

Player Profile

Height: 6' 6"
Weight: 300
Bench: 385
Squat : 395
40 Time : 5.38 (scout combine)
Grades: 3.65 GPA / 20 ACT

From:Caledonia, MS
High School: Caledonia

The following information was revealed during our interview with Derek Sherrod:

Which position are you being recruited to play on the next level? "Probably more (offensive) tackle than guard."

What are your strengths on the field? "I say I am very aggressive. I know the fundamentals of being an offensive linemen very well. I make quick decisions, which gives me the time to think things through."

What are you working on to take your game to the next level? "Well, right now, I am not working on much because I am in the middle of my basketball season. But when I get through with the season, I will start to concentrate on getting stronger, a lot stronger. I also need to work on my flexibility so I can get lower and fire off the ball better. I also need to work on my stamina."

Talk about your junior season. "It was very/very positive. We accomplished a lot compared to my sophomore season. We have a lot of players coming back so we should even be better next year."

Did you garner any awards last year? "I received Most Outstanding Lineman for the second year. I also made the Super 22 Team again. I was named Small School All-Area at DT, and last year, I made it at OL. I also received 2nd Team All-State by the coaches."

Which colleges are you currently writing you? "I am getting letters from MSU, Ole Miss, Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Florida, Florida State, Tennessee, Arkansas, Boston College, Ball State, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, and that is about it. Oh yea, and from Louisville too."

Any early offers? "MSU and Louisville."

Who offered first? "MSU."

Which colleges are peaking your interest right now? "I am trying to play the field evenly. I am looking at all of them, and I am not putting one over the other. They are all equal."

Which colleges do you plan to visit unofficially in the next few months? "I know I will check out MSU, Ole Miss, and Alabama. Those colleges are close to my house."

Have you been invited to any junior days? "Yes sir, I have been invited to MSU (3/25), Ole Miss (2/25), Alabama (3/4), FSU (2/25 and 3/25), Tennessee and Michigan. That is all I can remember. I do not know the dates of the Tennessee and Michigan Jr Days."

Which Jr Days do you plan on visiting? "Most likely, I will be able to attend the MSU and Ole Miss Jr Days and maybe Alabama's."

What do you like about MSU right now? "I like where their program is going. I see they are achieving new boundaries, and I see they are going to be pretty good soon because they have recruited well."

How big of an influence will your brother, Dezmond, play a role in your decision? "I would say it is not a factor at all. Believe me, it would be nice to get to play with him for a year, but he said do not be a Bulldog because of me. He told me to go where I want to go."

Do you keep up with how well the colleges recruit? "Not as much as I should (laugh). I just look at the letters they send me, and they tell me who all they signed and who all they plan to sign. That is pretty much how I keep up with it."

What are Ole Miss' positives? "Well, Ole Miss, they have a new staff and I am pretty sure they will have something new in store this season. That should be interesting, and they have a very/very good recruiting class coming in. They are on the rise."

And Alabama? "Well, Alabama has been successful for the past few years. They have been doing well in their bowl games. They have a lot of people coming back so they should be good next year."

What will be the main factors in your decision? "I will look at the athletic program's history. I want to win, first of all. And I will also look at how successful they have been academically with their football players. That will be very important."

In an ideal world, when would you make your decision on your school of choice? "I am not sure, sometime next year because I want to see what everybody has to offer. I will definitely take all of my official visits."

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