Reb coaches hot after Quentin Saulsberry

Quentin Saulsberry (OG, Independence, MS) - Fans are starting to learn about the rising seniors from coast to coast. One player that you will certainly hear a lot from over the next year is Quentin Saulsberry.What makes him so special?

"I think my speed and quickness to get to the outside when I am pulling. I guess you can say my quickness and my size," added the very soft poken Quentin Saulsberry.

What improvements did Quentin see in his game this past year?

"I saw a lot of improvement in my speed and quickness this year. I had better improvement in my defensive this year than last. I think my dedication in the weight room really helped my game."

Although Quentin made All-Conference for his second straight season and also made the All-State team, there are areas of improvement that need to be made. What are they?

"I need to get stronger. I am benching about 325 right now, but my squat is a little better. I squat around 525, but I want to increase those numbers by fifty pounds before next year. I also want to focus more on the mental part of the game. And lastly, I want to work on my conditioning so I can go full blast for four quarters."

Quentin measured in at the combine last April at 6' 3", 285 and ran a 5.38. Has his vitals changed?

"No, I am a little taller, about a half of an inch. I have not been tested in my 40 since the camp, but I will find that out when I go to the scout combine in April."

Colleges from coast to coast have begun to target their prospects. Which schools are writing Saulsberry?

"Man, a bunch of them. South Carolina, Florida, Ole Miss, USM, Memphis, West Virginia, MSU, Notre Dame, Auburn, Iowa State, Georgia Tech, Duke, just a bunch of them."

Which colleges are the most consistent?

"Ole Miss and Auburn. It is kind of hard to say because Georgia Tech and South Carolina are writing a lot too, but I think it would be Ole Miss or Auburn."

Have any colleges offered?

"They can not call us right now so I really do not know. Like the other week, Coaches Freeze and Orgeron from Ole Miss came to the school, but they could not even talk to me at school. And Coach Freeze went to school with my father, and I have known him a long time, but he still could not even speak to me. It was weird having someone you have known personally not being able to talk to me, but that is how serious they take the rules."

Does Saulsberry have a few schools that stand out yet?

"I would say Ole Miss because of their athletic and academic program. I like Auburn too. West Virginia has a good program, and South Carolina because I like how they have their program set up. They sent me some brochures, and I have been asking around about them. They said it was pretty nice up there."

Will Quentin attend any Jr Days?

"I was invited to Ole Miss' Jr Day (2/25), and I will attend that one. I am also thinking about going to South Carolina's and Notre Dame's."

When it comes decision time; what will be some of the factors for Saulsberry?

"The graduation rate of their student athletes will be the most important thing to me. I also want to see how well I fit in with their coaches. That will be the next most important thing for me. And lastly, I would like to stay a little closer to home. Staying in the South would be nice."

Quentin carries a 2.6 GPA.

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