Bayou's top DT will attend OM's Jr Day

Will Blackwell (DT, West Monroe, LA) - The Rebels have been a fixture in the state of Louisiana for decades. They won five state championships from '93 - 00 and the National Championships in '98 and '00.

But West Monroe ran into a "dry" spell the past four seasons until last year. The Rebels added another banner to their trophy case after winning their last 13 games.

"It was probably the closest group of guys I have ever played with. We all played together. Not too many teams were able to put up too many points against us, and then our offense would hang 35 on them before they even knew what hit them," stated the proud but polite Will Blackwell. "It was just a dream year for our team. It was good to get another ring for our program. We were beginning to get worried."

The main cog for the the Rebel's defensive line was Will Blackwell. What does he bring to the table?

"I have to say my coaching and the guys around me make me the player I am. We all play off one another, and my coach puts me in the right spot to make the plays. I probably play the run better than anything. I am not the fastest guy (5.0 forty). That is why I am best down inside, so I can help stuff the run."

Many are touting Will as Louisiana's top defensive tackle prospect. The 6' 4", 290 pounder does have some goals he would like to achieve before the start of his senior campaign.

"I just want to work on my speed acceleration. Later this summer, I want to work more on my strength. But right now, it is all about speed."

Will had 80 tackles and 8 sacks for the 2005 campaign. Did he garner any awards?

"Yes sir, I was named All-District, All-N' East LA, and All-State. I made first team in all of those polls."

Colleges from across the nation are taking notice of this talented youngster. Have any of them offered?

"Yes, I have a few that I know of. LSU, Auburn, Ole Miss, MSU, and Arkansas. I think that is it for now. Texas, Tennessee, and Oklahoma are really recruiting me hard too."

Do any of these colleges have any built in ties with Will?

"Well, my grandfather coached Ed Orgeron of Ole Miss when he played at N' Western State LA. My grandfather also coaches here at West Monroe. My Uncle does too."

What else stands out about Ole Miss?

"It is a really nice place. Our family is just very close to their staff. We went up there last summer and spent the weekend up there and went to their football camp. I do not know how to say it, but it just feels so homey on their campus. Ole Miss has a great atmosphere. We are going to check it out again next Saturday when we go up there for their Jr Day."

Who else will be attending the Rebel's Jr Day with Will?

"I am bringing three of my teammates with me. My grandfather and parents are also coming up there with us. My teammates who are coming with me are Luther Davis (DE/6' 2", 260), Terry Carter (DB/6' 0", 175), and C.C. Carpenter (LB/6' 0", 225)."

The Rebels might have some built in ties with this talented youngster, but as with most Louisiana prospects, you can never count out the LSU Tigers.

"LSU is just a great school. Anywhere in Louisiana, you are either LSU or not, and more times than not, you are with LSU," giggled the matter of fact Will Blackwell. They have treated me pretty good when I go down there. They are recruiting me really hard. Coach Miles knows what he is doing. It is a great school."

Blackwell will also attend LSU's Jr Day on March 4th.

Decision time seems like moons away for the rising seniors, but if signing day were tomorrow, what would be the main factors?

"Location. I want my family to be able to see me play. Another thing is how soon would I be able to play and how effective would I be in their defense? And lastly, how close am I going to be with their players and coaches? I am not any different that the rest of the kids. I want the same things everybody else does."

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