Antonio White is one of Mississippi's best

Antonio White (LB, Hollandale Simmons, MS) - The Blue Devils came out of nowhere last season to an appearance in the 2A State Championship game.

The player who jumped started their program is Antonio White. The 6' 2", 240 pounder simply dominated any opposition that was in front of him. He ended the year with 134 tackles, 7 tackles, 13 forced fumbles, and 6 fumble recoveries.

What makes Antonio so special?

"I just make plays. I am really a play aker when it gets down to it," added the confident but respectful Antonio White. "I mean, I am not trying to brag or anything, but I make plays. I just do what ever my coach wants me to do. I try to help my defense in any way possible."

Although Antonio currently plays linebacker for Simmons, some college recruiters have whispered that White's best days might be on the defensive line. How does Antonio feel about this?

"What position these schools are going to recruit me to play is going to be important. I want to play middle linebacker, not defensive end. I mean, I will if I have to. I played defensive end from 7th - 10th grade, but I would prefer to stay at middle linebacker."

What will White have to work on to insure he stays at linebacker?

"I need to keep working on my speed. I run a 4.6/4.7 right now. I want to get that down in the 4.5's."

Antonio was named 1st Team All-State and District at linebacker last year. His team finished 13-1 and was ever so close to winning the state championship.

"We lost to Lumberton (2A), but our team pretty much came together. We played as one, like a family. Terry (Grant) and Rashod (Henry) were just too much for us in that championship game."

What are White's thoughts on Rashod Henry (WR/CB)?

"Personally, I think he is going to be better than Terry (Grant). I heard he runs a 4.2 forty. He is faster than Terry. I know that. For me, playing against Rashod on the field, I think he is going to be a great player. He might be in the same class as Johnny Brown, and I ain't never seen nobody like Johnny."

All rising seniors are beginning to set their goals for their last season of high school football. What are Antonio's?

"I want to get back to the Championship game and win it this time. I want to become a leader for all of our younger guys coming in. I want to look over the mistakes I made last year and take it one game at a time."

Colleges have certainly taken notice of this talented youngster and the letters have already started to come in.

"MSU is recruiting me real hard. Ole Miss is recruiting me hard. I also get letters from South Carolina, Georgia Tech, and West Virginia on a weekly basis. Texas, USC, Tennessee, and some of them schools write me some too."

While nobody has extended a formal scholarship offer yet, there are two schools that are getting close.

"MSU and Ole Miss told my coach they are about to send one to me."

The Mississippi Delta has historically produced some of the finest athletes in the country, ala Jerry Rice, but in recent years it has been somewhat dry.

"Because I am from the Delta, I know not many people are going to know about me like they would if I were from the city. But I know what my ability is on the field. Coach Croom has been writing me a whole lot. Ole Miss came and visited me. I have not heard from USM, but my coach sent them some tape."

Has Antonio begun to give any thought about his schools of choices?

Yes, if it comes down to it, I would love to stay instate and help my state win a championship. I would prefer to stay instate, but if I have to go out of state, I will do it."

What attracts Antonio to MSU?

"I like MSU because they write me every week. They send me a letter every week saying me, Jamon Hughes, and Timmy Bailey are going to be the future for their defense. I am friends with Jamon and Timmy, and I know their defense is going to progress. Besides, I just like the colors of maroon and white."

What attracts White towards Ole Miss?

"They are just a great school. This summer, I went to their football camp. They had a nice field, and their indoor facility is great. Their coaches have stayed on me ever since I went to their camp."

Are there any out of state colleges that are standing out?

"Sure, I like a lot of them, like West Virginia, FSU, Texas, USC, Tennessee, and Memphis."

Will White take in any Jr Days this Spring?

"I am going to Ole Miss on Saturday (2/25) and MSU on (3/25). I might go to some more, but I do not have anything planned for now."

We have learned that location and his recruited position are going to be important issues when it comes decision time; are there anymore factors?

"When I go on my visits, I will see how was treated at the school. I will just look at the overall atmosphere."

Anthony carries a 2.7 Core GPA and has yet to take the ACT test.

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