Has second thoughts about OM commitment

Antonio White (LB, Hollandale Simmons, MS) - The life of the recruiting world can be more pressure than the average fan knows about. We are talking about a life time decision, and for most kids, the most important decision of their young life.

Take Antonio White for example. Antonio is thought of as one of the premier defensive players in the Magnolia state this year. Like most wanted prospects, there is pressure in each direction you look.

We spoke to Antonio last night to do a profile with him. He stated that he would prefer to stay in Mississippi and liked both Ole Miss and MSU.

We called White back again tonight to see if he had sent in some more film for the network.

Here is how the conversation went:

Did you send in your tape? "Yes, and oh yea, I just committed to the Ole Miss staff," added Antonio.

You told us last night that you liked both Ole Miss and MSU; what changed your mind? "You know, Ole Miss is the only one that came through and gave me a solid offer and visited my school. I have been calling them a lot lately, and I just decided to go ahead and commit to them. I am looking forward to my trip to Ole Miss this weekend. I think that is where I am headed."

You sound kind of hesitant when you state that you think that is where you are headed; are you sure about this commitment? "Yes sir, I am pretty sure, but I am still debating it a little."

Did you tell the Ole Miss staff that you committed? "Yes sir. I called Coach Hughes to let him know."

Are you still leaving the door just a little bit cracked? "Yes sir, I am not all the way sure, but I am pretty sure. I am still debating it."

Do you want us to list you as committed to Ole Miss? "Yes sir."

As we were typing up his commitment release; Antonio gives us another call.

Here is what was revealed by White:

"Hey, I just wanted to call and let you know that I still have a whole year to think about this. I am going to go up to Ole Miss this Saturday (for Jr Day) and check it all out with Willard Ross and his mother. My mom can not come with me. She has to take a test at work so I will probably wait until I bring her up there with me before I commit. I still think I am going to go to Ole Miss, but I want to think this through a little more."

Life in the recruiting world. Isn't it fun:)

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