Top DE prospect headed to Oxford on Saturday

Luther Davis (DE, West Monroe, LA) - The Rebels finished where they belonged last season, just ask Luther.

"Yea, it was good to get back on the board," added a laughing Luther Davis. "I mean, it had been a few years, but we are off the hook, at least for another few months. You know how our community is, nothing less than a championship is tolerated, but we like it that way."

Luther Davis is already billed as one of the top defensive end prospects in the country. Why?

"I owe it all to my team. We communicate well. That is what makes you a great player, working as a unit. Other than that, I just lay it on the line every single play."

It does not hurt that Luther was blessed with God given talent and body.

"I am right at 6' 4", 260, and I run a 4.78 forty."

Is there any room for improvements?

"I want to mature as a player. I think speed definitely will be more of a factor on the next level. I am pretty disciplined whether it is on the practice field or the classroom. You can always count on me. I think that is what separates the players who just have talent from the ones who realize their talent."

Davis had 74 tackles (14 for losses), 8 sacks, 11 QB hurries, 4 fumble recoveries, 4 forced fumbles and 2 blocked field goals for the season. Did he garner any awards?

"I was named 2nd Team All-State, 1st Team All-District, All-N' East LA, and I was our Coach's Defensive MVP."

Surely the college coaches have taken notice, right?

"Yes sir, you can say that (laugh). LSU, Ole Miss, Notre Dame, Arkansas, Texas A&M, Auburn, USM, Mississippi State, and La Tech have all offered me."

Will Luther visit any of the schools he is interested in this Spring for Jr Day?

"This Saturday I will be attending Ole Miss with Will Blackwell, C.C. Carpenter (LB), and Terry Cater (DB). We are also going to go to LSU's Jr Day next month."

Why the interest in Ole Miss?

"I like Coach Orgeron and Neilson too. They are both great guys and very honest. They are hard on you, but I think that is what makes you a great player. The coaching staff alone makes me interested in Ole Miss. I went to their football camp last summer, and Coach Orgeron told me this is how their practices are run. I like how they run things, and I also like how they are going to use me as an outside linebacker in their scheme. I love the scheme they have planned for me."

What stands out about LSU?

"The fact that it is so close to home. The location will play a big part in which school I will choose. They also had a Top 10 class last year. It is only a matter of time before they get back to that national championship level again."

Are there anymore colleges that stand out right now?

"FSU. I have been a fan of theirs since I even knew what a football was. Bobby Bowden recruited my older brother. They send a lot of players to the league, and they always give their players a chance to compete for the starting job. They do not play senioritis down there. They just say may the best man win regardless of how old you are. I like that."

Where did Luther's older brother attend college?

"Lucas Jackson is my brother. He went to Arkansas, but he transferred to Grambling. To put it bluntly, they (Arkansas) did him wrong. He is now an assistant coach at Louisiana College."

What will be the main factors in Luther's decision?

"I want the school to have a big family atmosphere. Does it fit me and my major (Criminal Justice)? Really, my brother is going to be in charge of my recruitment. I mean, it is my decision, but he is going to handle all of my recruitment. I will lean on him for advise. I know he has my best interest at heart. But really the main thing is going to be their coaching staff. Distance will be important, but if the coaches have that feeling for me and I have it for them, the distance issue can be overcome."

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