Another "Park" is on the horizon

Michael Park (QB, Memphis, TN) - Michael led MUS to the D11 (3A) State Championship last season and was one of seven Shelby-Metro standouts selected to the 2005 Tennessee Sports Writers Association's Division 2 All-State team.

He was also a Finalist for the Shelby Metro Offensive Player of the Year. That is some pretty lofty company when you consider that the other Finalist were MSU signee Anthony Summers, Ole Miss signee Markeith Summers, Miami signee Graig Cooper, and junior phenom Aaron Crawford out of Ridgeway.

That is not where the story ends.

Michael's brother, Rob Park, was the QB at MUS the prior year and led them to their first State Championship in 19 years. Hard to follow that up little brother, right?

"Really, I wanted to prove that I am pretty good too," added the excited Michael Park. "I mean, we had a great season. Two years ago when my brother was the QB they won the state championship. We lost a lot of guys on offense, and a lot of people did not think we would be that good. We proved a lot of doubters wrong. That was the most gratifying part of the whole thing. Proving we had some talent too."

Michael passed for over 1,900 yards, 16 TD's and 6 int's on the season. He also rushed for another 9 TD's. What does he do well on the field?

"I think I am smart, and I have an accurate arm. I can also run when I need to."

What areas would Michael like to see some improvement?

"Mostly physical stuff, like agility, speed, and obviously strength. I bench around 250 right now, so I need to get a lot stronger. But mainly, I want to study as much film as I can."

Park was selected to participate in the prestigious Army All-American combine that was held in San Antonio in January. This gave him a chance to see how well he stacked up against the nation's best.

"It was great. Obviously, some of the best QB's were there. I compared myself to them. It was good to see where I stood. I felt good about it."

Colleges from across the country have taken notice as Alabama, MSU, Ole Miss, Vandy, Ohio State, Penn State, Oklahoma, Texas, Auburn, LSU, Indiana, and A&M are actively recruiting the young man.

Junior Day is a day where the colleges ask their top rising senior prospects to come in for the day to take a tour of their campus. It is also a way for the staff and prospect to really get that one on one time so you can hopefully make that much needed early impression. Has Michael been invited to attend any Jr Days?

"Yes sir, Auburn, Alabama, MSU, Ole Miss, Vandy, Texas A&M, and Oklahoma have all asked me to come."

Which Jr Days will Michael attend?

"I am doing baseball pretty hard. I am trying to get to Ole Miss on Saturday. I missed Texas A&M because of a baseball game. I am going to try and get out of my game on Saturday (interview was conducted on Thursday). I will have to take each Jr Day one case at a time. It all depends if I can get out of my baseball games or not."

Speaking of baseball, look at these accomplishments Michael has achieved in his baseball career:

3/24/2005- Rated Shelby Metro's 3rd top Sophomore(by Commercial Appeal)
Selected to Division 2(Large) All-Conference Team
Selected to Commercial Appeal "Best of the Preps"
Selected to Commercial Appeal Private Schools All Metro Team
Selected to the Region 7 & 8 TBCA 18Under Showcase Team at Middle Tenn. State
University in Murfreesboro, Tenn.
Selected to the 2005 TBCA Junior Sunbelt Team Tennessee as a Pitcher
Selected to the 2005 Super Sophomore Team by Tennessee Baseball Report
Selected to the Tennessee Sports Writers Association 2005 Division ll All-State Team
Named by the Dulins Dodgers as "one of the Top Players in the Nation in the 2007
Class". "A Right Handed pitcher that commands a plus fastball and excellent command of three pitches

As with most kids, which ever sport is in season, is the sport of choice at the present time. Michael is no different.

"I like them equally well. I really would like to play both on the next level."

Michael's brother is the starting punter for the Ole Miss Rebels. Does that give them a leg up on the competition?

"No, I am going in this with an open mind. If it is the right fit for me, fine, but if I like someone else better, then that is where I will go. But, I like Ole Miss a lot. I think their recruiting is amazing after having a 3-8 season. They had a Top 15 class last year, and they already have 8 commitments this year. I keep up with their recruiting pretty closely and it is very impressive. I also think their facilities are great, and I like the direction that staff has them going in."

Who else will be the main players when it comes decision time?

"Probably the SEC schools in this area. Auburn, Alabama, Vandy, MSU, and LSU."

What stands out about each school?

Auburn - "I like Coach Tub. I think he is a good coach. I went down there to see my brother play when they played Auburn, and liked their stadium. They obviously have a great football program and team."

Alabama - "I love their school. A lot of my brother's friends went there. They have a real good atmosphere, and I like that Brodie was successful under their system. They also have a great team."

Tennessee - "They really have not sent me any letters. I would love to get a chance to talk to their coaches about some things."

Vandy - "I like their academic reputation. That is a big plus. Jay Cutler really impressed me too. They have some good players coming into their program too. They also have great coaches. I just think they are on the rise. You add that with their academic reputation, and that is going to be hard to turn down. Coach Belin and I talk a lot on the phone. He is a great guy."

MSU - "I have never been down there. I would like to go down there and look at their facilities. They have been sending me a bunch of letters. Coach Croom wrote one about me becoming a man. The letter was very impressive. I am going to be interested in how they recruit me next year. I am very interested in MSU."

When decision time does roll around; what will be the main factors?

"The coaches will be a big factor. I also like for the fans to be in it. The social life will be important. Would I want to go to school there if I were not even playing sports? That is how I am going to look at it."

Michael carries a 3.0 GPA.

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