Sowell marks 10th Mississippian to commit

Bradley Sowell - (OL, Hernando, MS) - Mississippian "largest" prospect pulled the plug this morning when he was extended a scholarship offer from the University of Mississippi.

"They text messaged me this morning, and I called them up. Coach Orgeron told me that I had a scholarship waiting on me. I told him that is what I had been waiting on, and I wanted to be a part of their program," commented Bradley Sowell.

Why Ole Miss?

"It is a good place. I grew up an Ole Miss fan. I have been going over there my whole life. I have been wanting to wear the Red and Blue since I knew what a football was."

Bradley visited Ole Miss yesterday for Jr Day; how was his experience?

"Man, there was just so much talent there. I was honored to be a part of it. I just like Ole Miss' facilities. The staff made me feel at home. That pretty much sealed the deal right there."

Commitments are non-binding and this rarely stops other schools from continuing their recruitment of a committed player. Which colleges are still actively recruiting Sowell?

"The ones I hear from the most are Auburn, Florida, Alabama, MSU, and LSU."

The 6' 7", 350 pound offensive tackle is currently benching 315 and squats 350. What does he do well on the field?

"I feel I have pretty good footwork, and I am a pretty good passblocker."

And what would he like to improve on?

"I just want to get in better shape and get a lot stronger. I want to get to where I do not take any plays off and just go 100% each and every down. But the main thing is my strength. For someone my size, my strength numbers need to be a lot better. It will get there. I have played baseball all of my life, but now I am concentrating solely on football. I am going to get much more dedicated in the weight room now."

Bradley is on track to become a full qualifier as he carries a 3.5 GPA / 18 ACT.

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