Colton Jenkins receives Ole Miss offer

Colton Jenkins (OT, Winona, MS) - Colton is one of the more physically gifted linemen in the state of Mississippi this year.

"When he gets more consistent, he is as good as there is," commented Winona's head coach, Ken Chandler. "That is his own downfall, playing every down. When he played against that good ole defensive end from Charleston and Cleveland Eastside, he did really good. When he wants to, nobody can stop him."

Colton has always been like a big ole teady bear for the folks around Winona.

"I do not know a sole who does not love Colton Jenkins. He is just so friendly. He loves everybody. Colton is nothing but a big ole country boy who drives around in an extended cab and loves to hunt and fish. He is real laid back until he puts his helmet on. Colton is real/real close to his mother. He is just easy going, probably too easy going."

Jenkins had an opportunity to visit Ole Miss for their Jr Day on Saturday. How did the visit go?

"He came back from Junior Day real excited. He said they were so nice to him, and he hoped they were going to offer him. I spoke to Coaches Hughes and Orgeron this morning. They offered the kid. When I told him about the news, he just started grinning. You couldn't slap that grin off of his face if you had to. I ain't ever seen the boy this happy."

And what did Coaches Hughes and Orgeron say to Coach Chandler?

"They just told me how happy they were to see him at their Jr Day on Saturday. They were real glad to see him. They just basically said they wanted Colton to be a part of their family. I told Colton about the news, and he said that he had to tell his parents about the news before he commits. I think he is going to talk to them tonight."

Colton is on track to becoming a full qualifier.

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