Mississippi's top receiver talks recruiting

Darrius Young (WR, Shannon, MS) - The state of Mississippi has produced some great receivers in the past, and it looks like this year's crop will be no different.

Leading the way for the '07 class will most likely come from the Shannon product, Darrius Young.

"I do not really look at myself as being the man or anything like that. I just want to lead my team to the state championship and let the chips fall where they lie. I am not big into all of that stuff," stated the very matter of fact Darrius Young.

Last season, Darrius averaged over 27 yards a catch for the Red Raiders. What makes him such an explosive receiver?

"Probably my ability to get to the ball and getting that step on the defensive back. When you get that step; he is at your mercy. There are only two things he can do. He can either interfere or just give up and let you catch the ball and then do something. It is all about getting off of the line of scrimmage and then attacking the ball once it goes up in the air. I feel like that is what I do best, attack the ball and beat my man."

Football camps, combines, and Junior Days are always a way for high school kids to learn new techniques.

"When I went to Ole Miss' Jr Day last Saturday, I watched a lot of film with Coach Lubick. He showed me how my stance should be when the DB tries to jam you. I was doing it all wrong. Another thing I learned are my hitch routes. Like when I go and try to make a cut; I was doing it all wrong. He told me to turn around quicker and get that step on the DB. It is all about making that sharp cut on your hitch routes. Those two techniques should really help me become a better receiver."

Darrius had 25 catches for 680 yards and 7 TD's as a junior. He was named 2nd Team All-State (MAC), and 1st Team All-Region and All-Division for his play. Did these accomplishments earn him any early scholarship offers?

"Ole Miss and MSU have offered me, but Alabama and BYU have been writing me a lot too."

What else did Darrius experience at Ole Miss' Jr Day?

"It was nice up there, man. I loved their new indoor arena. They gave us a full tour of the building. It is good up there. Ole Miss had a lot more than what I was expecting. They were talking about the new academic support center that Fed Ex is going to build. They said it will be ready by the time our class enrolls. They have a tutor lined up for you every day. It is mandatory for the freshmen. It is nice though. I liked their locker and weight rooms. They were nice. The practice fields are too. We got to run out on the field. We went into the locker room like Ole Miss does. They got all of the parents clapping in unison in the locker room. We were clapping. The parents were clapping, then Coach "O" just started going nuts and ran through the tunnel like their players do. We all started running behind him. It was crazy. We were all hyped up. He just seems like someone you would enjoy playing for."

The Rebels have opened up some eyes around the Magnolia state as they have already collected 10 commitments from the Mississippi prospects. Did they ask Darrius to join them?

"Yea, they asked me if I wanted to be a part of their family. I told them I still do not know yet. I am going to visit Alabama and MSU for their Junior Days and just compare the three schools. I still want to evaluate everybody before I make a final decision."

And what stands out about Alabama right now?

"Me and my father went to see them play MSU last year in Starkville. I mainly watched their receivers and how they are used and how well the QB could get the ball to them. They got some nice sized receivers. They can catch too. That game, well, their defense had to carry them to the win. But, you have to have a good defense to get your offense on the field. I just felt like they had a championship defense and their receivers were smooth. I really enjoyed watching them play."

What does Young like about MSU?

"MSU has a lot coming back. Well, they lost a lot of their starters, but they have a lot from their sideline coming back. They will all be Jr's and Sr's next year. Even though Alabama beat them, they held their own. I like their receivers too. I will be interested in seeing what they got when I go to their Jr Day."

Decision time is still months away for most high school athletes, but when it comes down to it, what will be the deciding factors for Mr. Young?

"Academics is the number one factor for me. Do they have a good academic support group? You know, classes are tough in college. We need all the help we can get. You have to take it like a job. As far as football, I just want someone to help me develop. But I am going to college to get an education and everything else will fall into place. When I look at their football program, I will just look at their facilities and their coaching staff. How well can I fit in with their coaches and how much support are they going to give me in the classroom? Those two things will be the main issues for me."

Darrius carries a 2.8 Core GPA.

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