Key recruit for Ole Miss takes in Jr Day

D' Montreal Wilson (OL/DL, Rayville, LA) - While West Monroe receives a lot of publicity in this Region, Rayville is not one to be overlooked.

"Yea, they get a lot of pub, but we got some pretty good players over here too. We just try to earn our respect on the field," added the very serious D' Montreal Wilson. "It is hard getting respect out of here with them (West Monroe) being just down the road, but we are going to get ours."

Wilson is receiving recruiting attention from both sides of the ball.

"They mostly like me at defensive tackle, but some do like me at offensive tackle. I will do both if I need to."

When discussing Wilson's strengths, he is very quick to point out the help he gets from his teammates.

"Really, my team makes me the player I am. They push me to do the best I can do so I can go to college and make my momma proud."

The 6' 4", 305 pound giant is a teddy bear on the field, but when that helmet goes on, the switch goes off.

"I do not know what it is about putting that uniform on, but when it does, I just turn into a different person. Almost like an animal."

Wilson has been receiving the most recruiting attention from LSU and Ole Miss but several others are also keeping a close eye on the young man.

"Ole Miss and LSU have already offered me, but Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee, and Oklahoma have been calling my coach a lot."

Oklahoma could hold one advantage over the rest of the schools.

"Some of my folks live over there, so it would not be bad to get back closer to them."

D' Montreal had a chance to visit Ole Miss for their Jr Day; how did it go?

"I really liked it. I liked their campus. I liked their dressing room. We got to experience being a Rebel. We all got in a group. The players and parents starting clapping in unison. Coach Orgeron gave us a motivational speech, and we just stormed through their tunnel and ran out on the field, just like their players do on game day. Man, I got chills. That was the highlight of the trip."

What else did Wilson learn about Ole Miss during Jr Day?

"They have a lot of of tutoring to help you with those hard classes. I also liked their weight program. Coach Neilson is all about pass rushing. That is what I like to do. I just like their schemes for me a lot."

Did they ask D' Montreal to commit?

Yea, they wanted me to commit, but it is too early. I have not experienced the other places yet, so I wanted to wait. I am going to LSU this weekend."

What stands out about LSU?

"Really, I have not experienced the campus yet but I went to their camp last summer. I am going to see what it is like this Saturday."

Are there anymore colleges that stand out right now? "Just Oklahoma, Ole Miss, and LSU."

What will be the main factors when it comes decision time for Wilson?

"Well, I will see if they are ready for me to play right away or not. I want to also get to know their coaches personally."

Wilson carries a 2.9 GPA.

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