Quentin Saulsberry aiming for an 18

Quentin Saulsberry (OL/DL, Independence, LA) - Quentin missed last Saturday's Jr Day at Ole Miss to take care of some business, some serious business.

"I was not able to make it because the ACT was given on the same day as their Jr Day. I think I did well. I really want to get my score before I start my senior season. The ACT is about the only thing that is on my mind right now. I do not want any of that pressure on me. I need my mind to be totally focused next year. It is my last chance (to win the state championship)," stated the very serious Quentin Saulsberry.

What does Saulsberry need on the ACT test to become a full qualifier?

"I need three more points. I need an 18. I have a 2.3 core GPA right now, but I am shooting for higher than an 18. Ole Miss said that I have a good chance to get an offer if I score high on the ACT. I am working hard on it."

Saulsberry, along with thousands of other rising seniors, are taking unofficial visits this Spring to the colleges that are interested in them.

"I got invited to Auburn and South Carolina. The closest one is Auburn, so that is where I am going. I was thinking about going to Auburn's Jr Day to see what it is all about."

South Carolina continues to show strong interest in Quentin.

"They really write me a lot. A whole lot. I think South Carolina is also getting close to offering."

Which colleges are showing the most interest?

"I would say Ole Miss is still pounding me the hardest. I receive letters from Tennessee, Illinois, and Iowa State, but it is mostly Ole Miss, South Carolina, and Auburn who really pound the letters in there. I can count on getting something from one of those three schools every day. All three of them write me three or four times a week."

Quentin has been a two way starter (OT/DT) for the past three seasons for Independence. Most of the colleges project Saulsberry for the offensive side of the ball.

"Yea, I could play defensive tackle, but to me, I think my strength is on the offensive line. But really, I think I could play some defensive tackle pretty well. Ole Miss is looking at me there, but pretty much everybody else likes me at offensive guard. But really, where ever they want me to be, that is where I will play."

Saulsberry will participate in the Scout.com combine that is being held at Ole Miss on April 30th.

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