Alex Williams skips LSU Jr Day

Alex Williams (OL, New Orleans, LA) - It was rumored that Alex was going to attend LSU's Jr Day on Saturday.

"I did not end up going. We lost in the quarterfinals (basketball) on Friday night, and I was just too tired. Besides, I know I am going to Ole Miss so I did not see any point in going," commented Alex Williams.

How did the Rebels land one of the country's elite prospects out of LSU's back yard?

"I went up to their camp last summer. I do not know how to explain it. I just felt at home. And then I went back to their Jr Day a couple of weeks ago, it just reassured my feelings towards Ole Miss. Besides, my (head) coach use to coach Frank (Wilson) at Ole Miss. I have known him for a long time. He has really looked out for me past football. He is like family to me."

One way to get a good gauge on a lineman's footwork is to watch them play basketball. How did Alex fare on the basketball court?

"We lost and all, but I feel pretty good about what I did on the floor. I played center and averaged 20 points, 13 rebounds, 6 block shots, and 4 assists for the year."

But make no mistake about it, football is where Williams' future lies.

"Yea, I probably will only play football at Ole Miss unless they want me to play both. I know where I am going to make my money (laugh)."

Alex had to sit out last season due to Hurricane Katrina, but that has not stopped the 6' 6", 295 pound lineman from getting plenty of football looks.

"Ole Miss, Louisville, and LSU have offered me. Clemson is waiting on my highlight tape. They should be offering me pretty soon.

Alex carries a 2.8 GPA

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