Roderick Davis talks about OM's Jr Day

Roderick Davis (WR, Memphis, TN) - Tennessee is loaded with quality wide receivers this year, and it looks like the headliner could be Wooddale product, Roderick Davis.

"I do not consider myself to be the best at anything. If you had that mindset, you would not strive to keep improving your game. I mean, there are a lot of great receivers in Tennessee this year. I just think I am one of them," added the very polite Roderick Davis.

Last season saw Roderick catch 39 passes for 780 yards and 12 TD's. He was named Best of the Preps for his play on the field. What does Roderick think he does best on the field?

"I feel I am very versatile. I can move faster than the other players. That is my biggest strength, my speed, that and catching the ball."

Roderick is also a track star for Wooddale, as he runs the 100 meters, 4 by 100 and 4 by 200. What does Roderick run the 40 yard dash in?

"I do not know. I have never been timed. I am going to get all of that checked out when I go to the Nike camp at Georgia and the Scout camp at Ole Miss next month though."

Wide receivers with track speed and soft hands are usually wanted men. Davis is no different.

"Ole Miss, South Carolina, and Tennessee have offered me. I am formally getting my offer from Tennessee this weekend at Jr Day. They told me I had an offer, but they wanted to make it formal this weekend."

Jr Days are a recruiting tool for the college programs and players. Where all has Roderick been?

"I have been to LSU and Ole Miss for Jr Days."

How did Davis' Ole Miss trip go?

"It was great to see their campus and coaches. I really liked their facilities. They have some awesome facilities at Ole Miss. They talked a lot about their academics. It was fun, and they treated me as if I was already a player of theirs. I liked that a lot."

And what about his LSU experience?

"It was the same, but the only difference was that I attended the Ole Miss/LSU basketball game, and I got to meet the Saint's new head coach. They were holding Pro Day at LSU. I also got to watch one of their practices, which was cool."

Was Roderick more comfortable with the environment at one school more than the other?

"No sir, because I was not able to stay a full day, but it was a great experience at both schools."

The home state school can never be overlooked, and what are Davis' thoughts on the Tennessee Vols?

"Well, as a little kid, I always admired Tennessee because they have a winning tradition and still do. I look forward to seeing what they have this weekend."

Are there anymore programs that Roderick is interested in?

"South Carolina and Alabama at this point in time, but hopefully I will get to talk to a few of the other schools I am interested in like UCLA, Virginia Tech, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Nebraska, MSU, Florida, and Georgia. Those are the few I really enjoy watching on TV."

What will Roderick be looking for when it comes decision time?

"I want to go to a great academic and football program. I want a well balanced school. Playing time is not important. I could just play on the special teams my freshman year and be happy. Or I could redshirt and get bigger and stronger, and that would be great too. I am not all into the playing time issue."

Roderick will attend the combine that is being held at Ole Miss on April 30th.

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