Wednesday spring practice update

The Ole Miss Rebel football team practiced in shells - shoulder pads and helmets - today, the third day of spring training. Coach Ed Orgeron said it was a more physical practice due to the addition of the shoulder gear and he was satisfied with what was accomplished. Read about it inside.

The Rebels - in their third day of spring training - put on the shells today and did a little more contact work, said Ole MIss Coach Ed Orgeron.

"We put on the shells today and had more of a physical practice with more contact," said Coach O. "We worked on a lot of one-on-one situations and blocking drills against the linebackers and front seven. That went really good."

Orgeron was pleased, from an offensive standpoint, with the early progress of the running game.

"The offensive line and the running backs were on the same track in our zone game and that was good to see. Again, (TB) BenJarvus Green-Ellis had an excellent day, as did Mico McSwain at tailback," Orgeron continued. "We feel real good about our tailback situation at this point with those two."

In Saturday's practice, Coach O praised two wide receivers for their efforts - frosh Marshay Green and sophomore Mike Wallace. Those two got the kudos again today.

"Marshay Green had an excellent day and caught some long balls, as well as Mike Wallace, who also showed up well," Orgeron stated.

Defensively, MLB Robert Russell, who is filling in for the rehabbing Patrick Willis (who still has a boot on his foot but said he is doing "great"), sparked O's attention.

"Robert Russell showed up well today and DE Peria Jerry had another dominant day. He's been dominant in all three practices thus far," O noted.

The Rebs also worked some special teams situations.

"We worked on field goals and punting today. Our punting (Rob Park) was better," he said.

Q: What makes Peria so effective in his move from DT to DE?

"He can move and he's big enough to be effective against the run," said Coach O. "At USC, we played our DEs at 280. Our defense requires a bigger defensive end to help with the run. Peria is what we are looking for."

Q: You said last Saturday that the OL was looking more physical. Now that you have shoulder pads on, is that still the case?

"Yes. Our scheme calls for us to attack and stay low and be aggressive. That's working for us and makes us look better already," Coach O assessed.

Q: Who is throwing the ball most effectively to Marshay and Mike?

"Bruce Hall had a good day today and Billy Tapp did well too. Bruce had a long throw today on a scramble. Those guys are competing to see who will be the backup next year to Brent (Schaeffer)," Orgeron said.

Q: What are your goals for week one?

"To be able to go out there Saturday in our first scrimmage and be able to run some plays and have some success in this new offense," he answered. "We also are trying to develop our defensive line and linebackers into a workable unit."

Q: Who on the second team defense is showing up?

"DT Hayward Howard is coming on strong. He's really doing well," Coach O evaluated. "CB Dustin Mouzon is doing well, but I consider him almost a starter with the other corners. B. Brown is also having a great camp so far. He's matured a lot and understands the defense better."

Q: How is CB Terrell Jackson doing?

"Terrell is another one who has matured and understands what we are doing better. He's doing well," said Coach O.

Q: When is the scrimmage Saturday and is it open to the public?

"The practice Saturday is open to everyone. We will practice first and then have a scrimmage at the end. Practice will start at 11 a.m.," Coach O said. "If it rains, we will have the practice in the IPF."

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