Johnathan Frink discusses OM Jr Day

Johnathan Frink (LB, Oxford, MS) - Johnathan turned a lot of heads last year when he helped the Chargers to the North State Championship game and collected 147 tackles along the way. One of those heads just happened to be his home town school, the University of Mississippi.

Frink has been to the Ole Miss campus countless times, but he had a chance to attend the Rebel's Jr Day last Saturday.

"It was good. I was excited about it. I mean, I have been there so much, but not in that environment, " added Johnathan Frink.

Did Frink learn anything new during his trip?

"I learned a lot about the academic side. I did not know they were one of the best in academics. That is what I am all about."

The Rebels have been busy trying to lock up their key instate recruits. So far, they have committed 11 players from the Magnolia state. Did they ask Johnathan to jump on the boat?

"Yea they did, but I told them I have to weigh my options. They are very high on my list, but I still have plenty of time to figure it all out."

Did the Ole Miss staff give Frink a timeline on when they wanted a decision?

"They said they were continuing to fill up, but to just call when I was ready. They did not tell me that I have to commit by this date or that date. Nothing like that."

Will Johnathan attend anymore Jr Days this Spring?

"Not as of right now, no sir."

Which schools are still in the running for Frink's services?

"I am interested in anybody who is interested in me. But if I had to give you a few schools, they would be Ole Miss, Georgia, LSU, and Texas. They have been showing me the most interest.

Johnathan carries a 2.9 GPA / 24 ACT.

Johnathan Frink will attend the All-American Combine in Oxford on April 30.

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