DeMatanise Hill wants to play running back

DeMatanise Hill (RB, Olive Branch, MS) - Many assumed that the 6' 2", 215 pound prospect from Olive Branch would be better suited for linebacker on the next level, but Mr. Hill does not see eye to eye with that assessment.

"I am being recruited for running back. I am strictly a tailback, not a linebacker," said the matter of fact DeMatanise Hill.

But DeMatanise aren't you a little big to be a running back?

"That is what they use me for, as a running back. That is where I got all of my stats from."

Hill was limited with his touches last season as Olive Branch was loaded with big time D1 prospects. Those players included Anthony Summers (QB), Markeith Summers (WR), Jeremy Longstreet (RB) plus Allen Walker (WR). But when DeMatanise did get his hands on the ball. He made things happen.

"I had 60 carries for 770 yards and 8 TD's."

Averaging over 13 yards per carry on the 5A level is not bad at all, so what makes Hill so good?

"My power and speed."

And what does DeMatanise need to work on?

"My take off and explosiveness. I run a 4.53 right now. I want to get that down in the 4.4's."

The All-Region performer is now starting to receive some serious interest from D1 programs throughout the South. Which colleges are giving him the hardest looks?

"Ole Miss, MSU, Memphis, and FSU write me the most."

Any offers?

"MSU and Ole Miss have."

What does Hill like about Ole Miss?

Well, they were the first school to offer me, so, you have to look at somebody who believes in you before anybody else. They also have a great staff and facilities. Everything is looking good at Ole Miss. They signed two of my good friends (Markeith Summers and Allen Walker) last year. I would love to have a chance to play with them again. I say in two years, they will be competing for a national championship. They are recruiting that good."

What do the Bulldogs bring to the table?

"I just have not visited MSU yet. I do not know that much about them, but Coach Croom sends me a hand written letter every week. I do enjoy reading what he has to say. He is always talking about me becoming a man. I would like to play for a coach like that."

Will DeMatanise take any unofficial visits this Spring?

"I went to Ole Miss' Jr Day. I got to know their staff. I like them. Their facilities are top notch. I like how they have a game room and lounge for their players. They got everything you need over there. I am going to go to MSU on March 25th for their Jr Day. I want to compare them to Ole Miss."

Are there anymore colleges on Hill's mind?

"Not really, just Memphis and FSU."

What are Memphis' positives?

"I went to a game of theirs last year when they played Ole Miss. They held their own. I like Tommy West's running game too."

And FSU?

"I have never seen their campus, but I like watching them play on TV."

What will be the main factors for Hill when it comes decision time?

"I want a staff I can relate to. You need that. I will also look at their environment and see how they treat you. The academic programs will also be important."

DeMatanise Hill will be attending the combine that is being held at Ole Miss on April 30th.

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