Chris Strong takes in Ole Miss scrimmage

Chris Strong (LB, South Panola, MS) - Mississippi's top '07 prospect took the suspense out early in the game when he committed to Ole Miss.

The only thing left for him now is winning his fourth straight State Championship and getting himself prepared for the next level. Chris had a chance to attend Ole Miss' first scrimmage on Saturday. What were his thoughts?

"If they sign everybody on signing day, Ole Miss is going to be a bad team in the future. That is the way I see it," added the confident Chris Strong.

Chris was spotted in midfield standing alone with Butkus candidate, Patrick Willis, as they were watching the linebacker drills.

"Patrick told me how important it was to keep my grades up so I did not have to go through Hargrave to get to Ole Miss. With him leaving next year, it is going to be put on my shoulders to lead the way. He told me that a lot of people make it seem hard to remember the playbook, but he said it was not hard at all. He thinks I will be ready to make an impact next year if I just do what I am told to do."

After watching the Ole Miss scrimmage; what are Chris' thoughts on what he will need to do to get himself prepared for the SEC level?

"The number one thing I need to do is get in shape. I saw a couple of guys dragging around. I know I am in better shape than some of them. I just got to stay in top condition."

And what about Chris' competition?

"I love competing for a spot I really want. As far as the guys already there, I will put it this way, I guarantee you I will start for the Ole Miss Rebels."

What were Strong's impressions on how the practices were run?

"I think practice is going good. This was my second practice to go to. I see them competing everyday and working harder to get better and better. They are trying to be the best team in the SEC. I really like the direction they are going."

Coach Orgeron and Chris had a nice conversation at the end of the scrimmage.

"Coach O wanted to see how my grades were coming along. He also asked about my family. He said he wanted me to start as a true freshman for him. Coach told me to stay on my grades so it will not be so hard when I get to Ole Miss."

And how are Chris' grades coming along?

"They are coming along just fine. I am doing everything I need to do to make it. In my family we have don't pass, don't play rule. My momma does not put up with all of that."

Many early commitments will still look around at this stage of the game but not Chris.

"I do not even open up my letters anymore. Really, everyone has pretty much quit writing me after I told them I was going to Ole Miss. Everybody knows that is where I am going. I am not even going to bother visiting anybody else. All of my free time is being spent on helping Ole Miss getting to the top. I am trying to recruit California's number one offensive linemen right now. We met at Jr Day and exchanged numbers. I am all Ole Miss."

Chris will particiapte in the All-American Combine in Oxford on April 30.

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