Colton Jenkins is looking at four

Colton Jenkins (OT, Winona, MS) - Colton is typical of many high school tight ends who really might be best suited for the offensive tackle position on the next level.

He is already 6' 5 1/2", 275 and runs a 5.0 forty.

What does Colton think about playing tackle on the next level?

"Really, a lot of them are looking at me for defensive end and tight end, but I will play anywhere," added Colton Jenkins.

Colton is already benching over 300 pounds and squatting close to 500 with a 30" vertical. It is these attributes that make Colton so attractive to the college recruiters. But what does Jenkins believe makes him such a good football player?

"Power, I guess. I just have a good all around game. I try to stay on my feet and think and try to use my size to my advantage."

Making the jump from the high school to the college level is always an adjustment. What will Colton have to work on to make that jump?

"My speed and strength are going to have to get better. Other than that, I just need to watch as much film as I can possibly can and learn from my mistakes."

Colton has been starting for Winona since his 9th grade season. Statistically, how did Jenkins fare for the '05 campaign?

"I caught 10 of the 12 passes that were thrown my direction. The other two went over my head. We were not much of a passing team. I think I had 105 yards receiving and 2 TD's."

The All-District member has begun to attract interest from several programs.

"Ole Miss has offered me a full ride. MSU, Auburn, and USM have all been writing me a lot too."

Did the Rebels ask Colton to commit when they extended their scholarship offer?

"They asked if I would verbally commit, just a verbal commitment. I have kept in contact. I have not told them if I would commit or not. I am kind of waiting on MSU, and I have not really made up my mind yet."

What attracts Colton to MSU?

"I have talked to their coaches on the phone some. They send me a bunch of letters. I am going to go up there for their Jr Day (March 25th) to see what they have to say."

Does Colton have any interest in Auburn?

"Oh yes, they were the first school to start recruiting me. They have been talking to me since I was in 10th grade. We keep in contact."

Has Colton attended any Jr Days?

"I went to Ole Miss'. They are all like a big family. Their campus is caring. They care about their players. I really liked that about Ole Miss. I also liked their facilities."

Have anymore colleges caught Colton's eye?

"I really want to go check out Southern Mississippi. They sent me a form yesterday. I am going to fill it out and hopefully I can get down there soon."

When Jenkins is looking for that right "fit"; what will be the factors?

"I will look for nice facilities, and are the players and coaches caring for each other, like a family?"

Colton will participate in the combine that is being held in Oxford on April 30th.

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