Allen Walker attends Ole Miss scrimmage

Allen Walker (Ath, Olive Branch, MS) - Some could argue that the center piece for the Rebels nationally rated class was Allen Walker.

Allen was rated the #7 safety prospect in the country but is expected to start out at wide receiver at Ole Miss.

"They have not said anything about me playing defense, but as of right now, I will be playing wide receiver," added Allen Walker.

Walker had a chance to eye his competition at Ole Miss' scrimmage last Saturday.

"I think I will come in and play and do good. I know I will have to work hard and come in and get faster and quicker, but I think I will fit in good. I really think I can make an impact for Ole Miss next year."

What were Allen's overall impressions of the scrimmage on Saturday?

"It was pretty good. I think the lines have gotten better. They have some real good running backs. I mean, those boys are for real. When we all get there, I think we are going to be a pretty good team. I really do."

What did Coach Orgeron say to Allen at the scrimmage?

"He just told me that he needed some receivers to come in and play next year. He said their receivers were doing good, but they were not as physical as we ('06 WR class) are. I think he is doing a good job at rebuilding that program. We will win the SEC before we leave. I know that."

Now that Walker has had a chance to watch the college players; what will he have to work on to make the adjustment?

"My quickness, mainly. I mean, I have to get stronger too because their defensive backs lift more than I do. Everywhere else, I think I am ready."

Has Allen had a chance to send in his paper work to the NCAA clearinghouse?

"Yes sir, I sent in some stuff last week. They told me I just have to maintain where I am at right now to qualify. All I basically have to do is graduate."

When can Ole Miss expect to get this talented young man on campus?

"As soon as possible. I will be moving down there right after I graduate."

Are there any first year goals for the 1st Team All-South pick?

"My first goal is to come in running a 4.45 instead of a 4.55. Then I want to earn a starting position and help us get to Atlanta. That is my ultimate goal. I want to put Coach Orgeron on my shoulders after we win in Atlanta."

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