Top 100 recruit will visit MS schools

Chris Forcier (QB, San Diego, CA) - One of the country's top quarterbacks will be taking a tour of the Southern programs for the next several weeks.

"Chris and I are going to Miami and Florida this weekend. Chris' mother and Chris are going to Ole Miss on March 26th, MSU on March 27th, and Alabama on March 28th. They were thinking about visiting Auburn too, but I think they have passed on them," added Chris Forcier's father. "Last night he got two more offers from BYU and Arizona."

Chris comes from good blood lines as his older brother, Jason Forcier, is a redshirt freshman for Michigan. Jason just so happens to play quarterback too. And Chris' little brother is a 9th grade QB for St. Augustine, and reportedly, has the most upside out of all of the Forcier's.

The 6' 3", 180 pounder was a 1st Team All-State selection as a junior. He led St. Augustine to the CIF-San Diego Section D-III title. Chris was named the Player of the Year in D-111 for his play on the field. Forcier was 182 - 311 (59%) for 2634 yards, 32 TDs with 415 rushing yards and 4 TD's for the year.

Recruiting analysts and college recruiters have taken notice as Chris has been put on the prestigious National 100 Team by and has received 14 D1 scholarship offers.

"I think it is 13 or 14 scholarships." added Chris' father. "I talked to ESPN today and they told me that Chris is way underrated because of (Jimmy) Clausen. Chris has 4.5 speed. Not that is the only important thing to being a QB, but it certainly helps when you get to the college level. At a combine in Stanford, he ran a 4.51 in front of Pete Caroll. You should have seen his eyes when he saw the time. When Chris starts working out like his brother Jason; he has upside through the roof. UCLA, Arizona, Oregon, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Ole Miss, MSU, Alabama, Texas A&M, BYU, UNLV, UTEP, and there are a couple more who have offered Chris a scholarship."

What about the Florida programs that Chris will be visiting this weekend?

"Florida and Miami said they could not offer him until they meet him in person. That seems to be a big thing now. A lot of colleges will not offer you until you meet them in person. Everybody loves him on film. I know Chris is going to have an opportunity to play at several of the bigger power houses on the college level, but that does not necessarily mean he is not going to end up at a smaller school that does not have that big name. He wants to go to where he fits in and is loved. Everybody thinks he will make up his mind at the end of the season or summer, but it could came at the end of May. There is no reason to keep this thing going. We are going to be visiting all of the schools he is interested in for the next month or so, and then we will probably go ahead and make a decision."

Which colleges are the Forcier's keeping an eye on?

"Ole Miss, MSU, Alabama, Miami, Florida. Those are real interesting situations. I do not know enough about these schools. I just have watched them on TV, but I would like for Chris to also look at Nebraska, Texas A&M and the situation in Arizona. I just want him to check out the SEC. It is a great conference. I want to make sure we are thorough with the SEC schools before he narrows it down. I like the idea of one of the Mississippi schools. Maybe he could lead them to a title down there. I think the way they are doing things at Ole Miss is great. We have known Coach Orgeron since he was out here at (U)SC. We have a lot of respect for him. He is really going to turn around the Ole Miss program. I do not know enough about MSU right now, but we will learn everything we need to know about them when Chris and his mother goes down there. I just hear they are bringing in great players down there."

How did the Forcier's become interested in MSU?

"Casey Clausen told Chris to check out MSU. He said it would be a great situation and the coaches were really enthusiastic. They have a great situation at both schools. I have heard Ole Miss has such a beautiful campus. To me, that would be a good/good experience for him to see the other part of the country. I grew up in Georgia so we like the South. Playing in this Region is not important for Chris. Personally, I would love for him to experience the South."

What are Alabama's positives?

"They are another Southern school that we are going to take a close look at. You have to love their tradition and passion for football. I also hear it is a beautiful campus like Ole Miss'. I know Chris is excited about going to Alabama."

One would think that having Chris' older brother on campus would be a big plus when it came down to decision time; just where does Michigan stand in the pecking order?

"Everybody knows I am a big Michigan fan, but I am a college football fan too. Michigan has not offered Chris, and they have offered some other QB's. That tells me that they have some others ahead of Chris. At this point, it does not look like that is the direction we are going to go in. He can be his own man somewhere else."

Chris will attend the combine that is being held in Jacksonville (FL) on March 19th.

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