Cecil Frison attends 2nd OM practice

Cecil Frison (TE, Memphis, TN) - Cecil had a chance to observe his second Ole Miss practice this past Saturday.

What were his thoughts?

"It was good. I think the TE's did better than they did during the first day of Spring practice. I went to that one too. The offense has got to come around a bit. I think the defense already knows the plays, so that gives them a leg up. That is all right. I think it takes longer for the offense to gel than the defense. I think we will give them a better fight later on. We just need to make some minor adjustments," added the always personable Cecil Frison.

And what are Cecil's thoughts on his competition?

"I still think I have a long ways to go just to be able to compete in the SEC. I have a long ways to go."

In what areas will Frison have to improve in?

"My strength probably. I need to get a long stronger. The speed is a lot faster too, but I am running track right now to help me out in this area. I have won a couple of medals. I run the 4 by 100, 4 by 100, 100 meters, and 300 meter hurdles."

What is Cecil's best time in the 100 meter run?

"I ran a 11.5 a couple of meets back."

What did Coach Orgeron have to say to Cecil before he left the scrimmage on Saturday?

"He told me that he was excited to see me out here again. He just said to stay in shape and be ready to compete for a job when I report."

Robert Lane was moved to tight end for good before the start of Spring practice; what are Cecil's thoughts on this move?

"It just made it more competition for me. Hopefully he can teach me some things before he leaves. I try to learn what they are doing right and also learn from their mistakes. Robert is a great player. I can only get better playing with someone of his caliber."

Has Frison begun to set some first year goals?

"I just want to be able to contribute on the team. Whether is is special teams or what ever, I am just going to take my bumps and bruises now so I can get some experience and be ready to make an impact my sophomore year."

Cecil has already turned in his forms to the NCAA Clearinghouse. He will have no problems qualifying, as long as he graduates, as he currently carries a 2.8 GPA and a 20 on the ACT. Now the only question remains, when will Cecil report to Ole Miss?

"I will be there in June. We are sending in our forms on Friday for registration."

Will Cecil participate in any All-Star games before he arrives at Ole Miss?

"I was invited to play in the TN/KY All-star game, but I will already be at Ole Miss. The game is on June 26th. I am going to probably play in the East/West Shrine Bowl instead."

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