Summers gives his thoughts on OM scrimmage

Markeith Summers (WR, Olive Branch, MS) - The Rebels were looking to add some more explosiveness to their offense in this past recruiting class. That is exactly what they are hoping to get from the 2005 1st Team All-State selection.

One of the key indicators in predicting how "explosive" a player will be on the next level is looking at his yards per catch or run. Keeping that in mind, Summers led the state of Mississippi in yards per catch, as he averaged an eye popping 31 yards.

There have been many debates about which player from Olive Branch had the most upside. We are not talking about your average group of players to pick from. Allen Walker was rated as one of the Top 100 players in the country, but so was Anthony and Markeith Summers on various recruiting lists . Luckily for Ole Miss, they were able to land two of the three.

Both Allen and Markeith attended their second Spring practice this past Saturday as they watched the Rebels scrimmage. Markeith was impressed with what he saw.

"It was pretty good. I liked it. I can not wait to get out there," added Markeith Summers

What has Markeith learned by watching Ole Miss practice?

"The tempo. They are pretty fast tempo. They get a lot of reps in. I know that. They do not allow much playing around. I like that."

Now that Summers has had a chance to watch the college players up close; what adjustments will Markeith have to make?

"Probably my route running. They were not running too many precise routes, but they were doing it fast so it made it look good."

What does Summers think about his future competition at WR?

"They have average height and speed. They played pretty good, but I can do some good things for Ole Miss next year. I do not think they have anybody with my game. That is not taking anything away from them. We all bring something different to the table. I think we are going to have a lot of competition when our class gets in there."

Did Coach Orgeron get a chance to speak with Markeith at the scrimmage?

"Yea, he told me if was looking forward to getting me down there and playing as a freshman."

Has Summers had a chance to send off his paperwork to the NCAA clearinghouse so he can get an idea of what he needs to qualify?

"Yes sir. I already sent in all of that. I am pretty good right now. I just need to keep making what I got, C's and B's. I just do not need to make any D's or F's. I do not have to raise anything (GPA or ACT). My ACT matches what my GPA is right now, so I just need to maintain."

When will Markeith enroll at Ole Miss?

"I do not even know yet. Probably July or maybe even June. I am not sure yet."

Has Summers set any first year goals?

"No, not yet, I want to really sit down and think about them before I say anything."

Markeith is currently running track for Olive Branch. He participates in the 100 meters, 4 by 100, 4 by 200, and long jump. What are his best times and jumps?

"I have not run yet. My toe got messed up. I am just running relays. Last year when I ran the 200 meter run, I ran a 22.5 or something like that."

Will Summers participate in any All-Star football games?

"I was suppose to play in the North/South game, but I could not go to the first practice because of the snow. I do not know now. They might not let me play."

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