K.J. Wright talks about OM Jr Day

K.J. Wright (DE, Olive Branch, MS) - K. J. is your classic sideline to sideline defensive end who can rush the passer or chase down a running back from behind.

Last season, he was banged up for a portion of the season, but still managed to collect 50 tackles and 6 sacks for the N' Half Finalist. What were K. J.'s thoughts on the '05 campaign?

"We had a good season. We made it further than any team from Olive Branch. Hopefully next year we can take another step. We know we have to go through South Panola, but we feel like we now have the experience to get the job done," added the very insightful K. J. Wright.

What does Wright do well on the field?

"Mainly pass rushing. I am usually faster than the offensive linemen. They are real easy to get around."

Making the jump from high school to college is always a big jump and K.J. is no different.

"I really need to work on my strength and body weight right now. I am 6' 4", 210, and I need to get that up to 230 before I go off (to college). I also need to get my bench in the 350 range and my squat in the 500 range." K. J. currently benches 210 and squats 420.

Has K.J. set any goals for his senior season?

"I want to help us win State and lead our team in tackles and sacks."

Which colleges have been writing Wright lately?

"Ole Miss, MSU, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida State, Harvard, Yale, and Penn. They write me the most."

Has K. J. received any early scholarship offers?

"Ole Miss offered me right before the end of the season, and MSU offered me two weeks after Ole Miss did. It has slowed down since then."

K. J. attended the Rebel's Jr Day. How did it go?

"I liked it a whole lot. I got to tour around and meet the coaches. They have a nice atmosphere up there."

This was Wright's first time to see the Ole Miss campus. What are some of the new things he learned about Ole Miss during the trip?

"I know their main goal is to win the Sugar Bowl. They intend on winning big. I like that a lot. That was the main thing that stood out to me is their will to win football games. They want to win big, and they have a real nice field and indoor complex."

Where will K. J. visit next?

"I am going to MSU's Jr Day on March 25th."

What stands out about the MSU Bulldogs?

"I have never been down there. I will check it out when I go."

Are there anymore colleges that have caught Wright's eye?

"Alabama and Memphis."

What does Wright like about each school?

"Alabama always has a good football team. They always do good in their season. They are just a good team," stated K. J. Wright.

"And Memphis, they are another school who are always going to bowl games and things like that. And besides, they are real close to home."

K. J. is a B student who is on track to become a full qualifier.

K. J. Wright will participate at the scout.com combine that is being held in Oxford on April 30th.

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