Ole Miss basketball signee is in limbo

Herbert Terry (SF, Indianapolis, IN) - Many signees are caught in limbo when the coach they signed with is let go.

Herbert Terry is no different.

"We have talked to the Chancellor and the Athletic Director at Ole Miss. They have both agreed to give Herbert a full release (from the letter of intent that he signed with Ole Miss) if we are not satisfied with the new hire. This was not a threatening thing. He was just comfortable with Coaches Dildy and Barnes when he signed with Ole Miss. They say for you to not sign with the coach but rather the school. But when Herbert signed, he thought he would be playing for those two. Again, we will look at who is hired and make a final decision. We do want to thank Ole Miss for being so processional with us and giving Herbert another chance if he decides to go in that direction," added Herbert Terry's guardian.

Herbert exploded on to the scene last summer when he averaged over 30 points a game at the prestigious Hoosier Shoot-out.

One of the scouts at the Hoosier tournament came away impressed,

"Herbert is a very intense and athletic. He is what you call a freak athlete. The kid is quick, strong, and he probably led the tournament in dunks. He is also a good shot blocker."

Terry did not get to take his skills to the court this season because the State of Indiana deemed him ineligible due to to the transfer rule.

"He did not get to play his senior year because he transferred schools, and they said he transferred for athletic reasons," added Herbert's guardian. The boy left to get a better education, and they penalized him. We took the negative and turned it into a positive as we now have him on track to qualify. We just had to look at the big picture."

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