P.K. Keys is one of Mississippi's best

P.K. Keys (DT, Gulfport, MS) - Many point towards Gulfport when asked where Mississippi's top defensive tackle resides.

If you are looking for a defensive tackle with size (6' 3 1/2", 290), strength (squats over 500 pounds) and speed (runs a reportedly 4.95 forty), you have found your man.

"I have good get off moves and once I see where the ball is, I can make the play," added the colorful P.K. Keys. "If I had to name one thing I need to work on, it would be my speed. I want to get it down in the 4.8 range."

P.K. transferred to Gulfport from Bay Springs before the start of his sophomore season.

"I moved to Gulfport in my 10th grade year, but I was starting at Bay High since my 8th grade year. I played tight end at Bay High, then I got too big (laugh). They moved me to defensive tackle (at Gulport) as soon as I got here."

And what a move it was, as Keys had 133 tackles and 14 sacks in his first year at defensive tackle. This past year, there were some distractions going on.

"We had a few players leave our team because of the Hurricane (Katrina). We had to rebuild from there. We finished 5 - 4, but we came on strong at the end of the year. Our minds were just not too into it with the Hurricane and all. It was tough. I think I finished with 70 tackles and 3 sacks."

Keys was named Gulfport's Defensive MVP and was also selected to the Sun Herald's 1st Team All-Coast squad for the '05 campaign.

Many of the top programs have taken notice.

"Auburn, South Carolina, LSU, USM, Florida, Tennessee, Notre Dame, Ole Miss, USM, MSU, and a couple more are writing me a lot."

While there have been no formal written scholarships received; there are a couple P.K. believes are getting close.

"USM is close, real close. Ole Miss too. They are both close to offering me."

And which colleges are catching Keys' eye?

"I like Ole Miss and USM and the Florida schools. I like the Big 12, Big East, and Conference USA too. I like those conferences."

Has P.K. had a chance to visit any of the programs he is interested in?

"I went to USM's Jr Day yesterday. They told us how to get qualified and to make sure we maintain the minimum of what we need. It was nice up there. I like USM."

What got Keys interested in Ole Miss?

"I have been going to their camp since I was in 9th grade. They have a great staff. They have a real nice facility, and it seems like the people from around there are real nice. I like the environment up there."

When it comes decision time; what will be the factors?

"I am looking for a team that has a real good defense and real good personality, team wise. I am also looking for a good Business Management program. That is what I want to major in."

P. K. Keys will attend the scout.com combine that is being held in Oxford on April 30th.

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