Spring football notes

The Ole Miss football team was back on the field today - indoors - after spring break. Coach Ed Orgeron was especially pleased with the Rebel offense.

Note: Spring football is closed to the media this year except for a few select days. Today was the first day back for the Rebels after spring break. The media is allowed access to Coach Ed Orgeron after practice. The following are some notes.

* The weather was rainy and cold (40s) in Oxford today, so the Rebels practiced in the IPF. That was fine with Orgeron, he confirmed after practice.

"It never rains in Oxford," said the second-year Rebel head coach. "With the facilities we have here, we never worry about the weather. There was not a change in practice. There was no change in plans. We're just very fortunate that we have one of the best facilities in the country."

* Orgeron said he is a fan of having several practices, then breaking for spring holidays, and then returning for more spring football.

"I think it's good," he said. "It gives us a chance to evaluate where we're at after five practices. It gives the guys a chance to go home and get a rest. They do some evaluating too when they have a week off like that. It let's them know what they need to do better. There was a lot of energy out there today, so obviously the guys were rested."

* Orgeron praised the Rebel offense in today's workout.

"I thought the offense did a fantastic job," he said. "The offensive line came off the ball. We ran the football well. Ben Jarvis Green-Ellis and Mico McSwain looked fantastic today and made a lot of big plays.

* On defense, Orgeron talked about some personnel changes.

"We moved defensive tackle Hayward Howard to first team and Brandon Jenkins to second team. We'll see how that works out for us. We're still having a little problem at linebacker. We're not having the consistency we normally have with Patrick (Willis) in there obviously. We're missing Jamarca (Sanford) a little bit on defense. Guys are starting to fly around a little bit more and know what we expect on defense."

* Orgeron reiterated that offensively the Rebels have come a long, long way.

"To me the offense has made the most improvement from the last practice to this practice in the way they're approaching practice and in their intensity."

* Orgeron said the Rebels needed to make a jump from the scrimmage before spring break and he believes they did that.

"We wanted to improve the effort. The effort was just not where we wanted it to be on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. Defensively Peria Jerry had an outstanding scrimmage. We didn't do much that day on offense. We didn't get the ball enough to our tailbacks. We did a better job of that today. We put in the power play which is a great play for our tailbacks. So we're doing more to allow the tailbacks to have the football in their hands."

* More from Coach O on Green-Ellis and McSwain:

"Ben Jarvis gives us the toughness we need to run the ball inside and outside. He's very elusive and he can make you miss. But he's tough. He's going to get in there and pound it away. Mico is learning how to run the football inside. We're giving him more plays. He can run the football inside and we're giving him the ball more out of the backfield in the passing game."

* The Rebels will practice again Wednesday.

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