Football practice report

The Ole Miss fooball team worked out in shells for nearly 2 1/2 hours. The weather was clear, but chilly - perfect for football. Read Coach Ed Orgeron's comments on the workout inside.

Ole Miss Coach Ed Orgeron pointed out progress from the offensive side of the ball as the bright spot in yet another spring practice day.

"Midway through spring training, I'm really pleased with the progress of the offense. I think the offensive line is a lot more aggressive and that's making the whole unit better," Coach O stated.

Offensive Line Coach Art Kehoe continues to shuffle his personnel around looking for the right combination on the forward wall.

"We moved Andrew Wicker up to number one left guard and moved Darryl Harris to number one right tackle. Mo Miller is at right guard, Michael Oher at left tackle and Thomas Eckers at center," Coach O said. "I think Coach Kehoe is doing a great job with those guys. They are coming off the football very well now.

Art has a lot of experience and is confident in his abilities. He does a good job of putting the right people in the right places. Like Eckers - I think he will be a good center, but he's never played there before. Art sees something in him at that position and it's working so far."

OL is only part of the equation, however.

"TE Robert Lane continues to make plays. The tight ends are getting more involved in the offense," he continued. "BenJarvus Green-Ellis continues to show us a lot at tailback. Mico (McSwain) is out right now.

"At quarterback, Seth Adams is separating himself a little. If we started the season tomorrow, he would be our backup quarterback for sure. At wide receiver, Marshay Green is doing some good things and so is Mike Wallace. Carlos Suggs has looked OK in some areas as well, but we still have to wait until we get our new guys in here to evaluate that position thoroughly. Really, we will be waiting to see our new guys (signees) at a lot of positions and see how they fit in."

On defense, Orgeron is not as upbeat in his evaluation, but there is a reason why.

"The offense is running the ball on us more than we'd like, but part of that is we don't have some of our main guys in there," he noted. "We are developing some players in there, like Robert Russell at Mike LB, but they aren't ready to play yet.

"It's a big transition for several of these kids. Like Antonio Turner who we moved to LB. He's got the physical tools, but our LBs have to make a lot of adjustments and guys like him are not ready to do it yet. Quentin Taylor is doing OK at the WLB, but he's got a lot to do. We have several players like him - a lot to do, but they are physically capable."

On Monday, Orgeron said DT Hayward Howard had moved ahead of Brandon Jenkins on the depth chart, but there is a caveat to that number one distinction.

"Hayward is doing well, but he's not really ready to start in a game yet. Neither of those guys - Hayward or Brandon - have taken the bull by the horns yet," Coach O said.

O was asked about the kicking game for the first time since the first spring practice.

"They did a lot better today. Will Moseley had a good day and so did Justin Sparks. If we had to name a PK today, Moseley would be the guy and would be backed up by Sparks," he stated.

The Rebs will practice again Friday.

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