Quentin Saulsberry asked to commit

Quentin Saulsberry (OL/DL, Independence, MS) - Spring is the time of the year where high school prospects are busy staying in shape, keeping their academics in order, figuring out which combines and college camps to attend, and for the select few, receiving scholarship offers.

Quentin is no different.

"I am just staying in the weight room more than ever and keeping my grades up. I am trying to get my ACT up," said the determined Quentin Saulsberry.

What does Saulsberry need on the ACT test to become a full qualifier?

"I need an 18. I have a 16 right now."

Which colleges are staying in weekly contact?

"I still get a lot of mail from Iowa State, South Carolina, Auburn, Ole Miss and MSU. They are asking me to come to their camps. MSU watched some film on me this morning, and they said they liked what they saw. My coach said they are sending me a written letter (scholarship) to inform me that they are offering. I talked to their coach today and they want me to verbally commit. I am not going to commit to anybody, but I am interested in seeing what they have to offer."

Are there anymore colleges getting close to pulling the plug?

"Not really. The letters are pounding in. Nobody has actually offered me, but they are telling me how they can make me better. Ole Miss told my coach that I had an offer as soon as I pulled my ACT up. They are probably the closest."

Which colleges are now at the top of Saulsberry's list?

"To me, it is really the SEC. South Carolina. Well, Auburn and Ole Miss are always going to stand out. Tennessee, I am looking deeper and deeper into their program. I want to get to know their staff. I looked at the success some of their players have had, and that really caught my eye. But right now, I am keeping my options open."

Quentin Saulsberry will attend the scout combine at Ole Miss on April 30th.

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