Antwon Dixon will be one to watch

Antwon Dixon (S, Terry, MS) - Antwon has been selected as one of the Top 100 prospects in the country by


Because he is one of the more physically gifted players in the country as evident by his 27.9 yards per catch average last season.

Dixon was one of the top two way players in the Magnolia state last year when he hauled in 21 passes for 587 yards and 11 TD's. But it is at safety where most college recruiters project Antwon to play. No problem, Dixon collected 70 tackles and 6 interceptions for the All-Division 6(4A) and 2nd Team All-State (Clarion Ledger) selection.

What are Antwon's thoughts?

"We were trying to get that ring last year. I was not a big focus. My brother (Anthony Dixon) was. Me and my little brother (Rashan Dixon/WR) would get a couple of TD's and we ended up helping our team go further than it has ever been before. It was a lot of fun," commented the very soft spoken Antwon Dixon.

The 6' 1 1/2", 202 pound prospect would like to play safety on the next level.

"I like safety because I have been playing it since I was a little kid. I can read the QB's real good, and I am a head hunter. I would rather hit someone than them hit me (laugh)."

What would Dixon like to work on?

"Probably my speed. I run a 4.6 right now, but I need some more speed so I can have that extra gear when I am returning punts and kickoffs. If I see a seem, I want to hit it and be gone."

Which colleges are recruiting Antwon the hardest?

"LSU, Florida, Ole Miss, and Alabama. Those are the ones I get the most mail and calls from, but I get a lot of mail from others too. Boston College, Michigan, they send a lot of mail too. Notre Dame does too."

What about the college that Antwon's brother signed with last year, MSU?

"They are up there because my brother, but I have not gotten many letters from them. They offered me, but the others have sent me 20 times more letters. Those other schools are showing me more interest. I would leave Mississippi if I found the right school, but I want to stay in state."

Has anybody else offered this talented youngster?

"Ole Miss has. They were the first school to offer me."

What stands out about the Rebels?

"They got a good recruiting class last year. They were in the Top 15. And this year, it looks like they are going to do even better. I like how they go out and get player to help them win. You usually can not get many players from Mississippi to go to one school, but they have already committed most of the good ones. Plus, they were the first school to offer me. That told me a lot. I also like Coach Hughes a lot. We talk a lot on the phone. I have known him since I was a little kid."

Who else is Dixon keeping an eye on?

"Miami. I like them a lot. Florida, MSU, LSU, Alabama, Tennessee, and just a lot of SEC schools. I really like the SEC."

Dixon is currently playing baseball for Terry which has prevented him from attending some of the Jr Days this Spring.

"I was suppose to go to Ole Miss, Auburn, Alabama, and LSU, but I had a baseball game on those Saturdays."

Antwon attended MSU's Jr Day. What are the Dog's positives?

"Their players are like a big family. My brother and I went into their locker room last year at half-time. They were all cool. They do not blame another when they lose. They play team ball. That is what really stands out about MSU for me, their family atmosphere."

What got Antwon interested in Miami?

"Their defense. I am a defensive man. I like speed and they got a lot of it. They got it all. I just like how they play."

And Florida?

"Same thing. That is the #1 toughest place to play. Their crowd is so into it. They also had the #1 recruiting class so I could play with them if I signed there."

What stands out about Alabama?

"Their defense is ranked at the top every year. They also have a couple of players from Mississippi that would look out for me if I went there. I know I would be taken care of if I went to Alabama."

And LSU?

"Their crowd. I went to a game there last year. They are into whether they are winning or losing. They also have one of the top defenses in the nation, and they get the top players in the country. My brother was real close to signing with them."

When it comes decision time; what will be the main factors?

"The way the players communicate with one another on defense. I like to talk a lot to my teammates. I want to be able to communicate with my teammates like I do here."

Antwon will participate at the scout combine at Ole Miss on April 30th.

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