Luther Davis names a Top 5

Luther Davis (DE, West Monroe, LA) - One of the South's top overall players called us with some good news.

"I ran the pro shuttle last Tuesday. I ran a 4.34. It is like the shuttle they use in the NFL," added the excited Luther Davis.

What did Davis measure in?

"They had me at a little over 6' 4" and right at 256."

Have there been any new offers for the '05 All-State pick?

"Not this week. I still have the same ones. Texas A&M, Ole Miss, LSU, Arkansas, Auburn, Notre Dame, Mississippi State, USM, La Tech, and some others."

Which colleges has Luther visited this Spring?

"I have been to Ole Miss, Auburn, and LSU's Jr Days."

Luther previously discussed his trips to LSU and Ole Miss; so how did his Auburn trip go?

"I think my skills would be best suited for another defensive scheme. They have a great staff and an excellent campus. I love their stadium. I know their CB real well, Jonathan Willheight, but I just think I would fit in better with another program. They are off of my list now."

Which colleges are now at the top of Davis' list?

"Florida has been giving me a lot of interest lately. The reason I put them in my Top 5 is due to their letters they send me. They always pin point my academics and what it takes to become a full qualifier. It is not all about football with them. They sound like a school that puts education first and everything else second. I also like Ole Miss a lot. Coach Orgeron is unbelievable. We talk every week."

Who else rounds out Luther's Top 5?

"LSU, Texas A&M, and Florida State are also in there with Florida and Ole Miss."

What is the number one thing Davis likes about each college?

Florida - "They are all about education."

LSU - "They are closest to home."

Ole Miss - "Coach Orgeron."

Texas A&M - "Their stadium. They have a packed house every week."

Florida State - "They send a lot of players to the NFL."

Which coaches has Luther had a chance to talk with over the phone?

"I talk to Coaches Neilson and Orgeron from Ole Miss. I call coach Myles at LSU. Coach Haywood from Notre Dame and I have been talking recently. Coach Ensminger from Auburn and I talk some, and Coach Heater from Florida calls a lot."

Which coaches has Luther developed the tightest relationship with?

"It is a strong tie between Coach Neilson and Orgeron at Ole Miss. Coach Neilson is so cool. He is unbelievable. I will call him out of the blue, and we will talk for over an hour and football will never even be brought up. He is so young, like a big brother. Coach Orgeron is like a father. We started our relationship at his camp last summer. If I were to go to another school, I still think we would be as tight as we are now. That is what I like most about Coach Orgeron."

Luther will attend the scout combine at Ole Miss on April 30th.

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