Two new leaders for Co-Eric Riley

Co-Eric Riley (WR, MS Gulf Coast CC) - Co-Eric was considered a "can't miss" prospect coming out of high school.

Riley was a pre-season Dandy Dozen prospect (Clarion Ledger) after he collected over 1,200 yards receiving and 22 TD's as a junior for George County. Entering his senior campaign, Riley was tagged as the top receiver in the state of Mississippi. Did he disappoint? No. Co-Eric's senior campaign saw him collect over 1, 100 yards and 18 TD's.

The recruitment was surely going to be intense for this talented young man, but there was one problem, Riley did not have his grades so he decided to take his talents to the MS Gulf Coast CC.

The Bulldogs had one of the top juco receivers in the country returning in Tony Burks. Most freshmen would have taken a back seat to the former Army All-American, but not CO-Eric, as he became the "go to" guy. In his freshman season, Riley caught 36 passes for 490 yards and 6 TD's in just 9 games.

The '05 1st Team All-State and All-Region pick took it all in stride.

"Everything was a lot faster here than in high school. I had to get a lot stronger. Everybody was like myself, very talented, so I had put in a lot of extra work on my own time," commented Co-Eric Riley.

What makes Riley so special?

"I think it is how I position myself against the cornerbacks. Every corner I match up with, I have already watched him on film to breakdown his tendencies. I just go after his weaknesses. I guess you can say I am a student of the game. My biggest strength is my one on one match up ability. It is hard to cover me one on one."

Is there anything that Riley would like to work on?

"Yes, my speed and and getting stronger."

Has this talented youngster received any scholarship offers?

"USM, MSU, and Ole Miss have."

Who was the first college to offer?

"MSU offered me after the season."

Are there anymore colleges in the picture?

"Yes, LSU and South Carolina. They are recruiting me really hard."

Which colleges are at the top of Riley's list?

"LSU. Well, I say LSU and South Carolina are my top schools. I still like USM, Ole Miss, and MSU a little bit too."

What does Riley like about each school?

LSU - "I think I would have a good chance to play with all of their receivers leaving after this season. I would be getting there at a good time."

South Carolina - "Steve Spurrier. Who would not want to play under the best offensive mind to ever coach the game?"

Ole Miss - "That is a pretty good college. One of my old buddies went to Ole Miss, Trey Fryfogle. He said they got a good receiver program up there."

MSU - "They were the college I always wanted to go to when I was growing up, but my plans have changed. I am still interested in them, but not highly interested. But, I am still looking at all of the state schools, just not as hard as I am South Carolina and LSU. Those two really stand out."

USM - "USM has a good coach. Two of my teammates from George County are at USM now. My cousin just graduated from there too."

Out of the three state schools; which one stands out the most?

"Ole Miss. I just think they have more to offer for me than USM or MSU."

Which college is showing Co-Eric the most love?

"I say USM because they just send me more stuff than the other schools."

Has Co-Eric developed a tight relationship with any of the coaches who are recruiting him?

"I talk to Coach Orgeron from Ole Miss a lot. I also talk to Coaches Bower and Rodriguez from USM. Coach Croom from MSU writes me a lot. He is a good coach."

What is each coach's selling points to Co-Eric?

"Coach O tells me that he needs a big receiver like me, and they look forward to getting me to coming up there. Coach Bower said I have been his number one receiver since I came out of high school. Coach Croom wants to teach me how to become a man."

Has Riley taken any Spring visits?

"I am going to LSU on Saturday. I went to USM a couple of weeks ago. I am probably going up to Ole Miss for their Spring game, but the only practice I have been to so far is USM."

Co-Eric stated that he expects to graduate in December.

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