Malcolm Belim's recruiting profile

Malcolm Belim (QB, Calhoun City, MS) - One of the top dual quarterbacks in the state of Mississippi led Calhoun City to an undefeated regular season and into the third round of the playoffs in Class 2A.

"We played Hollandale Simmons to get to the North Half Championship game but they beat us. They were good, but we are looking forward to hopefully meeting them again in the playoffs this year," stated a confident Malcolm Belim.

What makes Malcolm such a dangerous quarterback?

"I think my running ability. I am a big guy (6' 3 1/2", 210, 4.61 forty), so it is hard to bring me down. But I can make you miss too or get to the corner. Yea, I would have to say my running is my biggest threat. I think I am a pretty good leader on our team too. My teammates listen to what I have to say. They trust me."

The Super 22 selection finished the season with over 1, 500 yards of offense and 23 TD's, but he still needs to work on a few things to take his game to the next level.

"I need to stay focused and work on my passing techniques. Those are the biggest things."

Is there any chance Belim could end up at another position on the next level?

"Really, I do not play anything but QB, but next year they are going to let me play some safety too. Coach does not want to risk me getting hurt, so he has never let me go both ways, but next year he is going to let me. A few colleges have told me that they project me at safety or even outside linebacker. I do not know. We will just have to see how it all goes down."

Which colleges are currently interested in Malcolm?

"The main ones are Alabama, Miami, Auburn, Ole Miss, MSU and Florida. Notre Dame has been sending me a lot of mail. South Carolina does too. USM, Purdue, and Tennessee send quite a few too."

Who sends the most mail?

"Really, they all send a lot of letters pretty evenly. But I would have to say Notre Dame sends the most. Georgia Tech sends a lot too."

Which colleges are now at the top of Belim's list?

"Really, I am just trying to concentrate on my senior season. I will just have to see when that time comes. I like Georgia Tech though. I like their Engineering program. That is what I want to major in."

Where does Malcolm plan to camp at this summer?

"I went to the Ole Miss camp last summer, so I will probably go somewhere else this year, like the USM camp."

Malcolm claims a 3.2 GPA and will take the ACT test for the first time in June.

Malcolm Belim will attend the scout combine at Ole Miss on April 30th.

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