Powe inches closer towards eligibility

Jerrell Powe (DT, Hargrave, VA) - One of the more anticipated players in Ole Miss history is making progress towards gaining full eligibility.

"I am going to be moving down to Ole Miss on May 28th, pretty much. Everything is going really good with my classes. I have all A's, B's, and one C. I will graduate on May 27th and my plans are to move to Oxford the next day," stated the '05 Army All-American, Jerrell Powe.

Before Powe heads down to Oxford he still has one more obstacle to overcome.

"I was real close on my last ACT test. I mean real close. If I do real good with my classes from here on out, I could be fine, but I probably need to improve on my ACT score by less than a point."

The NCAA Clearinghouse uses a sliding scale to determine a student athlete's eligibility. Right now, Jerrell is right on the line of being a full qualifier. But as Jerrell pointed out, there is little room for error, so a higher test score is needed.

When will he retake the ACT?

"I am taking it real soon, like this Friday."

How many more times does Jerrell have to take the ACT?

"I have two more times to take it before I graduate. I could keep taking it this summer, but I am not looking for it to come down to that. I am feeling confident that I can get it done before I graduate."

When was the last time that Jerrell was in contact with a member from the Ole Miss staff?

"Oh, I talk to them everyday, I mean everyday. I usually talk to them twice a day (laughing), to be honest. Coaches, Orgeron and Neilson stay on my everyday. Coach Hughes even calls me a lot."

Jerrell ran an eye popping 5.03 forty at 340 pounds during the Hargrave combine in February. What are his current numbers?

"I am 342 right now. I have not been timed in the forty since the combine, but I feel really good right now."

What does Ole Miss want Powe to report in at for two a days?

"Coach Orgeron wants me to be 330 or less. He told me to hold off on the burgers (laugh)."

Now that Jerrell is coming to the end of his high school journey; is he more nervous or anxious about the transition he is about to make?

"I am just ready to get there and try and play as best as I can, but to be honest, I am pretty nervous."

Why would one of the more talented players to ever come out of the high school prep ranks be nervous?

"I am nervous because I am going to have to get use to a faster pace in practices, games, even the weight room, just everything. I know how demanding Coach Orgeron is on his players. I know what is up, but that is why I signed with him. He is only going to bring out the best in me. I am going to have to learn a lot of new plays and techniques and just play at a much higher level, but I am up for it."

Is there any one game that Jerrell has circled on the schedule?

"I have two, LSU and Auburn. Lets just say I am counting down the days until I play them."

And so are the Ole Miss fans.

To watch Jerrell's film, follow #57 and click here.

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