Nick Foles talks about Ole Miss visit

Nick Foles (QB, Austin, TX) - One of Texas' top QB prospects took an unofficial visit to Ole Miss recently.How did the visit go?

"Well, we toured the campus. One of the ladies at the business school took us all around their business program's facilities. Then my parents and I went over to the athletic center. We toured their athletic facilities. Everything was incredible. I never dreamed that they had those kind of facilities. That really caught our eye. I then got to sat in on the QB meeting. That was really cool. That was neat, just to see what goes on behind the scenes. Coach Werner is very knowledgeable," stated the 6' 5", 240 pound signal caller, Nick Foles.

How did Nick become interested in Ole Miss?

"My father is from Pascagoula and still has a lot of family down there. Ole Miss was the first school to offer me a scholarship, so I wanted to give them a look. Duke has also offered me."

What were Nick's impressions of the overall coaching staff at Ole Miss?

"I pretty much met all of their coaches. Sitting in the that meeting with Coach Werner was really cool. My family and I also went in a room with Coach Orgeron to talk about everything. I really like both coaches a lot. Coach Orgeron seems like he would be really intense to play for. I love coaches who keep you on your toes. It would be cool to play for a coach like Coach Orgeron."

Nick took one of the traditional powers in the state of Texas, Westlake, to a 9-1 regular season but was upset in the first round of the playoffs.

"Man, that was one of the tougher losses I have ever gone through. We were all expecting to win it all last year. I am just thankful I have another shot this year."

Nick threw for 2,350 yards and had 30 total TD's and 6 int's. He was 110 for 201 for the season. Foles was named 1st Team All-District, Honorable Mention All-CENTEX and All-Junior in Class 5A by Texas

What makes him so good?

"Just being able to find the open guy. My leadership ability too. All of the guys trust me and know I will get the job done. My arm strength is also pretty good. I can throw all of the passes from every angle. I also have good pocket awareness, which allows me to avoid the pressure when it is coming."

What will Foles need to work on for the next level?

"Just my footwork. I want to get my speed down (4.95 forty). That is pretty much it. My arm just keeps getting stronger and stronger. I am a pretty big guy, so size is not a problem."

Which colleges are currently actively recruiting Nick the hardest?

"That is hard to say. They all send the same amount of mail. I have most of the Big 12, some of the PAC 10, Ole Miss, Arizona State, Duke, LSU, Arkansas, Mississippi State, TCU, Louisville, Oklahoma State sends me a lot of hand written letters, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Illinois, and Nebraska."

Has Nick had a chance to call any of the coaches personally?

"Arizona State text messages me a lot. LSU does too. Ole Miss text messages me just about every week. I get a lot of hand written letters from Nebraska and Oklahoma State. Those are the main ones."

Which colleges have caught Nick's eye?

"Arizona State and Ole Miss because those are the only two I have visited. I just need to visit the rest of the schools to learn more about them. Right now, I would say those two school just because those are the ones I know the most about."

What stands out about Arizona State?

"I really like their coaches. I really like Coach Wittke, their OC. He is real cool. I like the Tempe area, and I like their style of offense."

Will Foles be taking anymore Spring visits?

"I will probably be going back down to ASU again."

Where will Nick camp at this summer?

"I really do not know yet. Probably ASU and Oklahoma State and a few more. I have not made my plans yet."

When it comes decision time; what will be the factors?

"The coaches will be the main thing. I have to want to enjoy being around them. Their style of offense will also be important. Do I fit in? Other than that, just the atmosphere around campus."

Nick claims a 91 GPA and took the SAT last Saturday.

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