Quentin Saulsberry takes in OM Spring game

Quentin Saulsberry (OL/DL, Independence, MS) - Quentin had a chance to watch the Ole Miss Spring game on Saturday.What were his thoughts?

"It went really well. We toured their practice facilities. From what I see, I like how their coaches handle themselves with their players and just the way they do their job," stated Quentin Saulsberry.

Was this Saulsberry's first trip to Oxford?

"I think it is my second trip to really tour their facilities. I have been to a few of their ball games too. My friend, Jeremy Garrett, sends me some tickets. I have been to a few of their games, but that was only my second time to look at their practice facilities. I went to a practice of theirs a couple of weeks ago too. I saw some things I liked from the Spring game. I like the techniques they use for their offensive linemen. They coach them up."

Quentin was offered by Mississippi State last month. Did he receive one from Ole Miss during the visit?

"No, not this time. We just talked, and they asked me how I was doing in the weight room and the class room. They told me to keep up the good work."

Has Saulsberry had a chance to take in anymore Spring visits?

"No, I have only been to Ole Miss so far. I have been there a few times, but I really have not had the time to go anywhere else yet."

Any future visits on tap?

"I do not have any planned yet."

Which colleges are now at the top of Quentin's list?

"Mississippi Sate is catching my eye. Auburn, Ole Miss and South Carolina are on my mind. I would not mind visiting South Carolina. I am also taking Tennessee into consideration. But right now, Auburn and Ole Miss are my top two schools."

Quentin Saulsberry will participate at the scout combine at Ole Miss on April 30th.

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