Martezo Rodgers impressed with OM visit

Martezo Rodgers (DL, El Derado, AR) - One of Arkansas top defensive linemen attended the spring game at Ole Miss on Saturday.How did the visit go?

"It was nice. I got to meet a lot of friendly people. They have great facilities too. Everybody was prepared for the scrimmage. They were ready to go. They practiced hard even though it was a practice game. I liked that. Ole Miss is my main school. They lead over all of them," added the 6' 5", 255 pound Martezo Rodgers.

What makes Ole Miss so appealing for Rodgers?

"I like the way their defense plays. Their coaching looks good too, but I just like how aggressive their defense plays. They go get the ball. Their defensive line gets up the field and makes the QB run most of the time. Their LB's went to the hole, and when they got there, they laid the lick on you. They made them work for their TD. They let the offense know they meant business. I would love to play in their scheme."

Did Martezo get a chance to meet with the Ole Miss coaches?

"Yea, I stayed over there for a couple of days. I got to sit in on their defensive meeting. I pretty much talked to all of their coaches. Coach Freeze, Orgeron, Neilson, Wilson, Lubick, just all of them. We watched some film together. They told me they liked they way I run, and they wanted me to be a part of their program."

Have the Rebels offered?

"Yes sir, they offered me a while back."

Who else is under consideration?

"I like Oklahoma, and Texas A&M. I like both of those and LSU too."

What are Oklahoma's positives?

"I like their offense more than anything else. They are more aggressive than their defense, but they just have a passion to win. They stress winning like Ole Miss does."

What about Texas A&M?

"Their defense. They are big on defense."

And LSU?

"Just their defense. They love to hit you."

What makes Martezo such a good football player?

"I want the person who has the ball. I love to win. I never feel anyone can stop me."

What will Rodgers need to work on for the next level?

"I am working on my foot work and hands. I also want to get a lot stronger."

Martezo collected 48 tackles from the defensive end and tackle positions last season for the Wildcats. He was named All-Conference and All-Arkansas (Jr Team) for his play on the field.

Rodgers claims a 2.75 core GPA and took the ACT for the first time two weeks ago.

Martezo Rodgers will participate at the scout combine at Ole Miss on April 30th.

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