Chris Walker talks about OM visit

Chris Walker (LB, Memphis, TN) - One of the more sought after prospects from the State of Tennessee checked out the the Rebels last Saturday.

"It went well. I got a chance to talk to Coach Orgeron. We had a very good talk. I had to miss the first half because I had to take the ACT test. I did see the whole second half. They did pretty well. They scored a lot of points. The Red team put up 37 (points). I was real impressed with the offense they have, and I also liked how Coach Orgeron handled himself out there."

Was this Chris' first visit to Oxford?

"It was my first football visit. I have been to their basketball camp before, but I have never seen their football facilities."

What new did Chris learn about Ole Miss during his visit?

"I am not sure about that. I always knew a lot about Ole Miss because I have a lot of friends who go there. I know Carlos Suggs too. One of my best friends is Carlos' best friend, so I have known Carlos for a while. I did get to know Coach Orgeron a lot better than I previously knew him. I got to see their defense up close. I have never seen a game of theirs up close. They play hard. I liked their defense. Coach Orgeron told me I would fit in with their defense. I will leave it at that."

What most did Walker like about his visit?

"I was really impressed with Coach Orgeron. I was impressed with how he talked. He gave me a lot information I was cool with."

What information was that?

"He said I would fit in with their program well because he is also their defensive coordinator, and he knows what their defense is looking for. He also told me I would play as a freshman too."

Did this unofficial visit move Ole Miss up Chris' pecking order?

"It did because I was really impressed with Coach Orgeron, and being cool with the head coach is a big plus."

Where will Chris visit next?

"Friday of next week, I am actually going to Louisville for their Spring game, and then I am going to Kentucky the next day for their Spring game."

Which colleges have now offered the '05 All-State performer?

"Memphis, Vandy, Miami, LSU, Alabama, Ole Miss, MSU, Auburn, Clemson, and Louisville added their name two days ago."

Chris seemed to be favoring Vandy and Memphis the last time we spoke; what does his pecking order now look like?

"I really like all of them pretty evenly because I have not spent a lot of time with all of them yet. I really do not have a favorite, or a Top 5, or anything like that."

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