Lee Chambers talks about unofficial to OM

Lee Chambers (RB, Coffeeville, MS) - One of Mississippi's top prospects took an unofficial visit to Ole Miss this afternoon.How did the visit go?

"I was impressed a little bit, but it still did not top my visit to MSU. At Ole Miss, they seemed kind of hurried. Everything went by so quick. I went with this coach for 10 minutes, and then I went with another coach the next 10 minutes. I was moving from coach to coach so quickly. It was like they were trying to hurry me up and get the visit over with," added Lee Chambers.

Did Lee express his concerns to the Ole Miss staff?

"I told Coach Hughes I felt they were not very interested in me. All of these out of state colleges and the Southern colleges in Mississippi like MSU and USM are showing me a lot more interest than the school in my backyard. That has disappointed me, and I told Coach Hughes that."

What was Coach Hughes' response?

"He was like, they are trying to recruit the best players in the nation. They do not want to put their focus on one running back, because they need three of them. And if I signed with somebody else, and they put all of their focus on me, they would be put in a bad position, so they are focusing on a lot of RB's."

What was Lee's reaction to Coach Hughes' response?

"It made a whole lot of sense, because if I were a coach, I would do the same thing. But it seems like they are not giving me any attention at all. I could understand if they were having to spread their attention, but at least show me some interest."

Which college is showing Chambers the most attention?

"I would probably have to say MSU."

What does State do to show Lee the most love?

"Coach Grimes text messages me a lot, and I call him a lot."

Which colleges have now offered Lee a scholarship?

"MSU, South Carolina, USM, Louisville, FSU, Alabama, and Ole Miss."

Where has Chambers visited this Spring?

"I went to a MSU scrimmage, an Alabama practice, and to Ole Miss' Jr Day and today."

Where will he visit next?

"I am probably done until the camps start."

And which camps will Lee participate in?

"I am going to the camps at Alabama and Ole Miss."

What does Chambers pecking order now look like?

"It would probably be MSU, South Carolina, USM, Louisville, FSU, and those would be the main ones I am interested in right now."

Lee carries a 2.6 GPA and is waiting on his latest results from the ACT.

Chambers will participate at the scout combine in Oxford (MS) on April 30th.


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