Rashad Henry's recruiting profile

Rashad Henry (CB/WR, Lumberton, MS) - It is always hard to play in the shadows of a superstar, but not for Rashad.

"That's my boy. Me and Terry Grant are like blood. I did not mind not getting the press because I always knew my time was coming. This is my year to shine," added the matter of fact Rashad Henry.

Terry Grant led Class 2A in rushing the past two seasons, but if you were looking for the man who made the Panther's engine run on all cylinders, look no further than Rashad Henry.

Rashad scored 99 points for the Class 2A State champs, which was 14th best in Class 2A. At the halfback position, he rushed 47 times for 570 yards - an average of 12.1 yards per carry - and 7 TDs. As a wide receiver, he caught 24 passes for 438 yards and 5 touchdowns. Henry also punted 26 times for a 35.9 average, 10th best in 2A. On the defensive side of the ball, Rashad recorded 102 tackles and 6 interceptions.

What are Henry's thoughts on his junior season?

"It was a good year. During the storm (hurricane katrina), we did not think we were going to have a (football) season. But we got back and started working hard. We knew what we had to do to get back to State (Championship game). It was one of the best seasons I have ever had. I did not have any injuries or anything."

Which position is Henry being recruited for the next level?

"WR and CB. It all depends. Ole Miss wants me as a cornerback, but the rest of the schools want me as a wide receiver."

Which position does Henry prefer to play?

"My favorite position is wide receiver."

What does Rashad do well on the football field?

"I just see the field well. I can read the CB's real good. At DB, I intercept the ball and jam you from getting off of the line. I can read the routes real good. I try to keep you in front of me."

Who are the main players for the the '05 Super 22 and All-State (2A) selection?

"Ole Miss, Florida Gators, and I do not even worry about USM. I do not want to go there. LSU and Alabama. I can not forget about Alabama. That is one of my favorite schools."

Who is coming after Henry the hardest?

"Alabama. I have always been an Alabama fan. They came to see me play. They brought their WR coach to practice last year, so I went to a couple of their games. It made me like them even more. They are pretty decent up there."

Are there anymore colleges who have caught Henry's eye?

"I have to say Ole Miss. They got a good track too. I love to run at their track complex. They always have a good football program. I do not want to go anywhere where they do not have a good football program. Ole Miss and Alabama have good programs. That is why they are my top teams. It is pretty much between those two."

Are there anymore colleges on Henry's radar?

"I guess you could say LSU and Florida."

Rashad carries a 2.6 GPA.

Rashad Henry will attend the scout combine in Oxford on April 30th.


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