Top 40 Prospects in Mississippi

This list is an on going process. This is not the final rankings for the MS prospects, as it will change after we evaluate them at the scout combine and the college camps.

* Indicates they are signed up for the scout combine at Ole Miss.
() Iindicates Previous Ranking

Preaseason Top 40
1. (1)*Chris Strong (LB) (Committed to Ole Miss)
2. (2)*Robert Elliott (RB) (Committed to Ole Miss)
3. (3)*Antwon Dixon (S)
4. (4)*Jazzmen Guy (DE) (Committed to MSU)
5. (5)*Darrius Young (WR)
6. (7)*Derek Sherrod (OL)
7. (11)*LeRoy Diggs (Ath) (Committed to Ole Miss)
8. (10)*Jeramie Griffin (FB) (Committed to Ole Miss)
9. (9)* Lee Chambers (RB)
10.(6)*Johnny Brown (RB/CB) (Committed to Ole Miss)
11.(8) Stevan Ridley (LB) (Committed to LSU)
12. (20) Chaz Ramsey (OL)
13. (13)*Rashad Henry (CB)
14. (15)*Antonio White (LB/DL)
15. (16)*Stanley Porter (DL/LB) (Committed to Ole Miss)
16. (17)*Jamison Hughes (CB/S) (Committed to Ole Miss)
17. (12)*Colton Jenkins (OL/TE)
18. (20) *Bradley Sowell (OL) (Committed to Ole Miss)
19. (19)*P.K. Keys (DL)
20. (18) *Johnathan Frink (LB)
21. (28)*Ken Whigham (WR)
22. (40) Damein Anderson (CB) (Committed to MSU)
23. (NR) Mike Hunt (S) (Franklin County)
24. (19)*Marcus Green (WR)
25. (22)*Quentin Saulsberry (OL/DL)
26. (24)*Cortez Myles (DE)
27. (NR)*Marquese Ray (WR)
28. (25)*Michael Antonescu (OG)
29. (29)*K. J. Wright (DE)
30. (23)*DeMatanise Hill (RB)
31. (36)*Jason Fowler (OL)
32. (27) Markeno Lee (DL)
33. (NR)*Jamariey Atterberry (WR)
34. (38) *Drexler Johnson (QB/Ath)
35. (39)*Willard Ross (Ath/S)
36. (35)*Johnathan Taylor (QB)
37. (37) Jerry Duncan (WR)
38. (32)*Marcus Belim (ath)
39. (30) Luther Edwards (RB)
40. (31) *Cornelius Devine (DE)

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