Darrius Young receives 4th SEC offer

Darrius Young (WR, Shannon, MS) - Mississippi's top receiver prospect received some good news yesterday.

"I got an offer in the mail yesterday from Tennessee. They text messaged me that morning and told me that it would be in the main that afternoon. I called Coach Luke and spoke to him and Coach Fulmer. They told me I was their number one target at receiver," added Darrius Young.

Where does this put the Vols?

"Well, I have always been interested in them, but now that they have offered, it puts them up there with Alabama and Ole Miss."

Are there anymore colleges that have caught Young's eye?

"I mean, those three are pretty much my top schools."

Which colleges have now offered Darrius?

"Ole Miss, Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi State."

What does Young like about Tennessee?

"I can not say because I have not been up there to see their facilities and all, but you have to love that huge stadium with all of those fans. I also like the fact that they can run and pass the ball. They might not throw it every down, but that is ok."

And what stands out about Ole Miss?

"I like their facilities and academic support building they are building. I have been up there a lot to Ole Miss. My Uncle goes to school there. I have pretty much grown up going to Ole Miss. It is like home away from home. I like their indoor facility too."

And Alabama?

"Their facilities are nice and they are building a new freshman dorm and indoor practice facility. I like their stadium too. They are closing the other end where it will be even more fans. They are going to have a big stadium too."

Where has Young visited this Spring?

"I have been to two Ole Miss practices and their Jr Day. I went to Alabama's A-Day, and I went to MSU's Jr Day."

Now that Darrius has spoken about Alabama and Ole Miss; what are his thoughts on MSU?

"It was a nice environment. I like their facilities. Their whole campus is clean. I can see they have pride in that. I like their coach. I like all of the coaches, Ole Miss' and Alabama's too. I met Coach Croom. He is a nice guy. But right now, I am kind of focusing on Alabama, Ole Miss, and Tennessee. I will probably go to Tennessee to visit their campus some time soon. Probably after Spring training. When I get done with the combine on the 29th (Nike at LSU) and 30th (Scout at Ole Miss)."

Darrius will attend the scout combine in Oxford on April 30th.


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