Dion Gales stays strong with Ole Miss

Dion Gales (DE, MS Gulf Coast CC) - Ole Miss landed one of the nation's top high school defensive end prospects two years ago, but their star signee failed to qualify.

Dion enrolled at MS Gulf Coast CC and had a solid freshman campaign as he collected 44 tackles and 6 sacks.

Ole Miss, LSU, Oklahoma State, MSU, and USM all offered Dion the second time around but he choose to recommit to the college he signed with out of high school, the University of Mississippi.

Is Gales still solid with the Rebels?

"Yea, I visited Ole Miss a few times and it is just a nice scenery for me. I come from the hood (in New Orleans). I just think Ole Miss is the right environment for me to further my career both on the (football) field and the classroom. And besides, having a head coach that has coached all of those players that went to the league, what better situation could I ask for?" added Dion Gales.

Dion was offered by Michigan, Michigan State, Miami, LSU, FSU, Florida, Colorado, West Virginia, Clemson, Illinois, Mississippi State, Ole Miss and Tennessee before the start of his senior year season.

Although Dion had been offered by LSU, OSU, MSU, and USM before he committed to Ole Miss in February; are any of these universities still applying the heat to change his mind?

"Yea (laugh), LSU and MSU are still on me pretty good, especially LSU. They write and call me all of the time. It is all good."

One of Dion's goals going into his sophomore season was to get his 40 time down from a 4.8 to a 4.5; has he succeeded?

"Not really (laugh). I am up to 287 now. I have put on about 15 pounds, but I have kept my speed. We were actually timed in the 40 the first day we started back (spring) practice. I ran a 4.81 (forty). But, I am a lot stronger now. We have a strength competition on our team, and I placed second. I feel real good right now. I probably am not going to get that 4.5 speed back, like I had in high school, but I feel like I am plenty fast and strong enough to make an impact on any level."

How are Dion's classes coming along?

"Great. I will most definitely graduate in December."


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