Cortez Myles names a leader

Cortez Myles (DE, Madison, MS) - One of the Magnolia's top players is beginning to feel the heat.

"I have six offers in all. I have offers from Ole Miss, Alabama, Auburn, Memphis, Florida, and USM. Oh yea, Mississippi State offered me too," added the 6' 4", 225 pound defensive end from Madison Central."

Cortez Myles also has a new high school football coach.

"Coach (Bobby) Hall is great. He is legendary around these parts (of the state). I like his attitude. When we lift, he brings that energy to the weight room. He gives us a lot of confidence to lift and be all we can be."

Spring practice starts on Monday for Madison Central; what would Myles like to achieve before the end of spring training?

"I just want to be the best I can be. I need to work on my techniques, speed, just everything."

Myles has had a solid leader for some time now.

"I want to go to Auburn. I want to commit to them, but I do not know. I just can't do it. Ole Miss is right behind Auburn, and then I would put Alabama behind Ole Miss."

What is holding Cortez from going ahead and pulling the trigger with his commitment to Auburn?

"Nothing is really holding me back. It is just too early for me to commit right now. I went to their A-Day a couple of weeks ago. I really liked what they are doing down there."

Did the Auburn staff ask Myles to commit?

"Yea, I guess you could say that (laugh). They were on my pretty good."

What did Cortez say when they asked him to commit?

"I told them yea, but I really do not know right now because I do not know what other offers might come if I have a good senior year."

What attracts Myles to Ole Miss?

"Their recruiting, really. They just kind of take it to a whole different level. I also like what Coach Orgeron is doing down there."

And Alabama?

"I just like their football team. I always have."

Cortez carries a 2.7 Core GPA and takes the ACT test for the first time in June.

Cortez Myles will attend the scout combine in Oxford on April 30th.


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