Michael Herrick is getting ready for Ole Miss

Michael Herrick (QB, Valencia, CA) - California's All-Time leading passer (11,003 yards) has done just about everything you can do on the high school level and now has his eyes focused on Ole Miss.Michael has already begun his training with one of the best trainers from the West Coast.

"Coach Clarkson is my trainer. I have been with him since 8th grade. We work out two days a week. Jimmy Clausen and I work out on Wednesday's at the Rose Bowl and every Sunday Jimmy and I work out with Coach Clarkson at the R7 Camp. Coach Clarkson also trains Matt Leinart, and he trained Ben Roethlisberger when he came out of college."

Herrick and Jimmy Clauson have a long standing relationship.

"We grew up together. I have known Jimmy for a long/long time. Our families are real close. We have been working out together for a while too. He just committed to Notre Dame. I am proud of him. Maybe I can face him in a bowl sometime. That would be a lot of fun."

What is Herrick focusing on with his trainer?

"We do it all. We work on all of the footwork drills. We are trying to get my speed up to par for the next level. We work on all of the throws. We work on the routes that Ole Miss uses. We even go to the classroom and redesign the plays that Ole Miss uses. We do a lot. I lift on my own with the weight program Ole Miss sent me."

Did Ole Miss send Michael their offensive playbook?

"I got their playbook at the Spring game. We are square. That is what I use when we simulate their plays in the classroom."

What were Herrick's observations from the OM Spring game?

"I noticed the team is getting a lot better from the last practice I went to. All of the players are getting better. I just think Coach Orgeron is taking the program in the right direction. That is why I signed with Ole Miss. I followed him when he was at USC, and I knew what kind of job he was going to do at Ole Miss. I knew by the time I got there, the program was going to be rolling. He already has a good defense because they are in the second year in his defense. The offense, it is hard to tell, because so many pieces of the puzzle are not there and this is their first year in Coach Werner's offense. But, Brent is going to be the guy, and everybody knows that. The fans is what impressed me the most. There were tornado warnings and the weather was terrible, but they still had over 22,000 fans at the game. I went to the UCLA Spring game, and they did not even have 250 fans at their (Spring) game. The passion for the game is just so much more intense down South. I love that."

With Brent Schaeffer already being named the starter for next year's club; does that change the mindset for Michael?

"Not at all. I know Brent is a great player. I am going to learn as much as I can from him. I am going to go in and work as hard as I can, and do the best I can, so I am a better player and I can help the team when I am called on."

Would Michael prefer to take a redshirt his freshman season or get in a few reps?

"I want do what ever the coaches think is best for the program. What ever they think will help the program out, I am all for it."

Now that Herrick has gotten a close up view of what SEC football is all about; what areas are different than the high school level?

"The speed is just so much faster. You have to make your reads faster, your drop backs quicker. The game is just faster, a little more complicated. I sat in their QB meeting on Saturday. They knew their stuff. I just need to work on all that to get prepared so I am not running around like a chicken with my head cut off."

Michael's main goal entering his freshman campaign is getting his body ready for the SEC level.

"I am 6' 2", 175 now. I was at 165 at the end of the season. I have put on 10 pounds. It is going well but slowly. I talked to Coach Ausmus over there, and he told me to not worry about it. He will put the weight on me. I can not wait to get with him."

Has Herrick been timed in the 40 recently?

"Not since late last year. I am running the track, doing sprints, and making sure I stay in good condition. That is the biggest thing I need to do, keep in top condition. They really stressed that with me while I was there."

Is Michael more anxious or nervous about the transition he is about to make?

"I am more anxious. I am just excited. I have been to their campus three times now, and I just get more excited everytime I go there. I have a new family at Ole Miss. I am just ready to get going."

And when will Herrick arrive at Ole Miss?

"I will be there on June 4th. I graduate on June 2nd."

Any first year goals?

"Not on paper. I just want to get bigger. I know how physical the SEC can be, so just getting bigger and stronger is my only goal. I know I can handle the mental aspect of the game, but I need some more muscle on me so I can take the pounding I am going to get out there."

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