Johnny Brown makes needed ACT score

Johnny Brown (RB, Charleston, MS) - The 5' 11", 190 pounder almost single handily carried his team to the state championship game last season. For the year, Brown rushed for for 1, 788 yards and scored 24 TD's. Johnny was named the Region 4(3A) Player of the Year for his on the field accomplishments.

But all of these accolade and accomplishments are meaningless if one does not qualify to play on the next level.

Johnny has some big news to tell you.

"I just got back my (ACT) score in the mail yesterday. I made a 17 on it. I made a 15 on it the first time, but I just knew I made it when I got through with my last test. I have a 2.68 Core GPA right now, so I am qualified," added Johnny Brown.

What did Johnny do when he learned about his qualifying score?

"My momma took me over to my grandmother's house for dinner. She told me if I made my score, I could go anywhere I wanted to eat. There is not a better cook in the world than my grandmother, so that is where I wanted to go. Me and the whole family went to grandmother's house and just grubbed down. She had all of my favorites on the table. I think I gained about five (pounds) just from last night. You know, my grandmother also made my favorite pie, so it was all good."

Johnny committed to Ole Miss very early in the recruiting process. Is he still solid?

"Oh, yes sir. Ole Miss is just a great school to go to. Plus, I want to play for Coach Orgeron. He is my type of guy."

Do competing colleges still try to change Brown's mind?

"Yea, Alabama, MSU, and Memphis still tell me that they still want me if I change my mind, but I am pretty happy with my decision (to attend Ole Miss)."

Brown was scheduled to attend the scout combine in Oxford this Sunday but those plans could be put on hold.

"I pulled my hamstring pretty good a couple weeks back. I have not even been able to practice this week. I am pretty disappointed because I was really looking forward to showing everybody who the best running back in the state really is. I read this and that, but I hardly ever see my name mentioned as the top back. I really wanted to show my stuff, but God always has a plan for you and maybe he just wants me to prove it out on the field next year. I do not know. I might just go ahead and come up there and just hang out with the guys, but I doubt I will be able to do any of the drills."

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