Darrius Davis becoming a hot commodity

Darrius Davis (CB, Memphis Whitehaven, TN) - Darrius blew away the competition at the scout combine in Mississippi last Saturday and had a great showing at the Nike combine the week before.Davis has parlayed that success into his first two scholarship offers.

"Virginia Tech saw Darrius at the Nike Camp, and they called me the next day asking for his transcript," added Coach Saulsberry, the head coach of Whitehaven.

"Once they saw he had a 2.4 core in his classes and a 19 on his ACT, they offered the kid."

This morning, Davis received his second scholarship offer.

"Illinois came by the school this morning. They told me last week after they saw him at the Nike combine that if he had anywhere near passing grades, they were taking him. They came to the school and looked at his transcript. They just grinned when they saw his transcript and told me they had to have Darrius."

The trend in today's recruiting world is when one offers, they come in bunches.

"You are actually the first person I have told about this (offer). I suspect that when this gets out, a whole bunch of them are going to come after him. I know Ole Miss is coming by tomorrow. Their recruiting coordinator played ball with me in high school and use to coach here (at Whitehaven). We are pretty tight. I really think they are going to offer him when they look at his transcript. And I have a message from the LSU coaches too. They want to come by and look at his transcript. Coach Trooper (Tennessee) is suppose to come by Monday to talk to me about an offer, and the Miami staff is coming by next week to talk to me. They were actually the first school to start recruiting him. It is probably going to get pretty busy around here (laugh) from here on out."

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