Greg Hardy scores a 21 on the ACT

Greg Hardy (DE/TE, Memphis, TN) - The 6' 7", 247 pound prospect from Briarcrest found out some good news this week.

"I got back in my ACT score on Thursday. I made a 21 on it. I previously had a 19, so it gives me a little more room for my (core) grades," stated Greg Hardy.

And what is Greg's current GPA?

"I do not know. I am going over that with my councilor next Monday. I know I have pulled them up a lot though. I should be up to a 2.3 to a 2.4, somewhere around there."

Assuming Hardy has a 2.3 to a 2.4 GPA, will this match his ACT score on the sliding scale?

"Yes, I just need to maintain where I am now, and everything will be fine."

When does Greg plan to enroll at Ole Miss?

"I am moving down there in a couple of weeks."

Is Greg more nervous or anxious about the transition he is about to make?

"I am more anxious. There really is not anything for me to be nervous about, except for transferring from a private to a public school."

Any first year goals?

"I just want to do well in the classroom, do well on the football field, and hopefully get to play basketball."

Has Hardy had a chance to speak to the new Rebel basketball coach?

"No, but I have talked to some of their players. I am trying to get in touch with their coach right now. I should know something pretty soon. "

What is Greg's current size?

"I have grown a little bit. I am up to 6' 7" now, and I still weight 247."

Hardy had 48 tackles, 16 tackles for losses, and 8 sacks as a senior and was named 1st Team All-State for his play on the field.

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