Kentrell Lockett makes qualifying ACT score

Kentrell Lockett (DE, New Orleans, LA) -'s #18 nationally rated defensive end received the big news he had been waiting on.

"I got my ACT in the mail yesterday. I made a 17 on it."

Was this good enough to get Lockett qualified?

"On the sliding scale, I needed a 17, and that is what I got. If I would have made higher, I could have had some leeway with my finals, but as long as I hold where I am at right now. I am qualified."

What does Lockett need on his finals to qualify?

"I have 2 A's and 2 B's right now. I need to keep them where they are at. I am exempt in one class, so I only have three more finals to take. I take them tomorrow, and then I am done with school. I graduate May 18th."

What was Ole Miss' reaction when Lockett told them about the good news?

"Coach Wilson was just real happy. He said I took care of my ACT and to make sure I stay on top of my finals. He told I worked too hard to not close out."

Lockett averaged over 16 points and 8 rebounds for Hahnville this past basketball season.

"We went further than any team in our school history. We made it to the Big 4. It was a lot of fun."

Lockett also ran track.

"I placed in District and qualified for Regionals in the 300 meter and 4 by 100. I did not make state though."

When will Lockett enroll at Ole Miss?

"May 26th if everything goes accordingly with my finals. I just hate to get too confident. I am going in this (finals) with the mindset that I have to ace everything. I have been studying for two weeks for these finals. I can actually make a couple of C's because one of my A's and one of my B's are real high, but I do not want to think that way. My teachers have really been helping me stay focused. I just appreciate everyone being so kind to me."

Is Lockett more nervous or anxious about the transition he is about to make?

"I am just anxious to get to Ole Miss and be a college student and play college ball."

Has Kentrell put on any weight since the end of the football season?

"No, I am still around 220 - 225. I have grown a little though. I am up to 6' 5 1/2"."

What are Lockett's first year goals?

"I just want to get recognized at being one of the top freshmen in the country."

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